What is DeFinder Capital (DFC)?

What is DeFinder Capital (DFC)?

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DeFinder Capital is a Web 3 company that is building an exciting ecosystem comprising different products on the TON blockchain, the renowned Layer 1 blockchain that supports the user base of Telegram. Let’s take a closer look at what makes DeFinder Capital special!

The developers behind DeFinder Capital are the ones who also built the TON blockchain thereby bringing their excellence and experience to the table. 

What makes DeFinder Capital unique is its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) led approach which allows it to be positioned as a flexible platform for social engagement. This approach also helps DeFinder Capital to drive its users’ desire to hold and utilize DFC tokens within its growing ecosystem, rather than tying the token’s value solely with product success. 


As a result, DeFinder Capital aligns user incentive that helps to build organic growth, something that’s one of a kind in the crypto world and therefore gives DeFinder Capital an extreme edge against its competitors. This is also one of the major reasons leading it to become the top project in the TON ecosystem.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the founders of NotCoin, a famous Meme Coin game on Telegram that gained over 20 Million users in just 26 days, now want the same to happen with DFC DeFinder Capital. Because, with NotCoin, the founders mainly aimed to test the project and see how the community responded. 

DFC is currently one of the leaders of the TON ecosystem in terms of TVL, their token trades on MEXC and top dex at 10x of launch, and is also integrated into Telegram @wallet. Amidst their growing popularity came rumors of ties to Binance and DWF Labs.

Now they are directing all of their expertise towards DeFinder Capital which translates towards major success in the future. 

The DFC Token and Tokenomics

DFC Token is the central token of DeFinder Capital and is the lifeline of the entire ecosystem as it helps to connect users with a wide range of products, services, and games on the TON blockchain. 

This is a reason why DFC is designed to be adaptable, considering once the role of DeFinder Capital increases, so will the demand and use cases of DFC. Due to this, DFC is built in a way to keep on evolving and increases its value as time progresses. 

In addition, as the team behind DeFinder Capital  wants to ensure a level playing field in the ecosystem, DFC was launched without token sales or investor funding. Rather DFC was distributed through the help of airdrops and market placement to make sure everyone gets a fair share. 

The community rewarded this decision and within a time-frame of just 50 days, the value of DFC jumped to $2.70 from its launch price of $0.075, a 36x. Proving strong community confidence in the project’s future, its developers, and the entire ecosystem. 

DeFinder Capital is also called ‘the flagship product on the TON blockchain’ by reputable media (CoinGape, Coinpedia, etc.) both in terms of capitalization and number of users. Given the huge popularity of Telegram and all projects based on it (Notcoin is a typical example), we could assume that the DFC rate will soar to $10 and higher, but for this the developers should actively develop their project. 

Another reason that helps DFC to stand out is that the team holds only 10% of the total value locked (TVL), which is purely for reserve purposes. Another 50% of the TVL is marked for future airdrops, allowing the community to remain excited about what’s coming next. 

If there is anything that helps a crypto project to grow and thrive is its community and it’s no surprise that DeFinder Capital, which is built for the community has one that’s flourishing. This is evident from one of the key achievements of DeFinder Capital which includes more than 260,000 active members on the Telegram group & 10000+ DFC DAO holders. 

As the word is spreading, and DeFinder Capital is proving its worth, on each passing day more traders are showing interest. Activity on social media is also growing, especially on X (formerly Twitter) particularly due to FOMO being developed around the possible hike of DFC in the upcoming bull market, which is expected to start in 2024. 

Part of the reason for such large community participation is due to DeFinder Capital’s commitment to transparency, as the project has clear objectives and a concise roadmap. 

While NotCoin, the world’s fastest-growing Web3 game also resonated well with the community, however, it has limitations as it’s only a P2E game on Telegram that runs on the TON blockchain. On the other hand, DeFinder Capital is a completely different approach by the founders, who want to develop an entire ecosystem.  

Most notably, DFC has its own Arbuz clicker, which was designed similar to Notcoin but is more refined. The clicker already has a token and according to rumors the drop for active users is not far off.

Listing of DFC on Exchanges and Tracking sites

DFC is currently listed on three different exchanges which primarily include the renowned MEXC centralized exchange. MEXC is where the majority of DFC trading takes place. Due to its growing recognition, Binance is also looking forward to listing DFC and once that happens, it will open several other doors, allowing more traders and investors to use DFC. 

Users can also monitor the latest activity of DFC on major crypto tracking sites that include CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Coinpedia Markets. This not only improves DFC’s authenticity but also empowers investors with essential information and market insights. 

How to Buy DFC Tokens

One of the easiest ways to buy DFC tokens is through the help of the MEXC exchange. Opening an account takes about roughly 5 minutes. Once the account is up and running, deposit a stable USDT coin and make a transaction on the spot. 

On the other hand, users can also buy DFC on decentralized exchanges without going through any KYC formalities. To do so, users need to log into their Telegram account, purchase TON tokens, and then head towards xRocket. Users can also buy DFC tokens in Telegram’s integrated wallet – @wallet.  

The Ecosystem of DeFinder Capital

The ecosystem of DeFinder Capital is already seeing positive momentum with multiple products being built on it that range from games to decentralized softwares. These products include:


DeDonate is the DeFinder ecosystem’s trusted platform that allows users to make secure and transparent donations using crypto. The service is designed in such a manner that it uses smart contracts to ensure donations reach the intended recipient securely and efficiently without the need for an intermediary. 

DeFinder Capital Foundation

DeFinder Capital Foundation is a part of DeFinder Capital Fund that assists the poor and other marginalized groups. On New Year’s, the foundation participated in an auction to support young artists and children with special needs. 

DeFinder Capital Foundation made the highest bid of 4,725 TON, by beating the bid of Pavel Durov and handed the money to a special needs sports academy named Heroes of Hope Academy. 


DeWallet gives users the ultimate solution to effortlessly manage their cryptocurrencies. The user interface is designed in such a manner that it ensures secure storage, seamless sending and receiving of various digital assets, as its main priority is simplicity and speed.   


Fast and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), gives users an ultimate solution to protect against online threats by hiding their network information. Through DeVPN users can safely browse the web regardless of their location.  


A platform for coupons that are based on smart contracts, giving users security and transparency on multiple discount offers. DeCoupons is revolutionizing the world of savings by utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology. 

Arraken Planet 

Arraken Planet is a Telegram mini-game that has a built-in DFC farming and a referral system. Users farm a DFC token and try to beat other players. The game will introduce NFT playable characters in the future that can be bought by DFC. The game can be accessed through the ArrakkenPlanet_Bot on telegram. 

Betty Games 

Betty Games is a decentralized betting company, allowing users to bet on their favorite sports events and earn money if they win the bet. All bets are executed on smart contracts, making them trustable, fast, and secure.  


ARBUZ is the number 1 meme coin on the TON blockchain. Users need to connect their wallets to qualify for drops. It is the best ticker on TON and has already surpassed NOT. Arbuz Bot has also surpassed Notcoin by the number of new users in the first days and has gathered more than 100 thousand users. Well, the main difference is that here tokens with clear economics have already been launched.

DFC Price Analysis and Price Target

As per the chart, it is clear that DFC started 2024 in a strong growth phase and has crossed the $2 price tag, making a new all-time high (ATH). This comes without any strong support or reputation, which helps to understand the increase in trust traders have in DFC as clearly it shows no signs of slowing down.

The relative strength index (RSI) remains above 70, which exhibits a positive momentum. Considering that DFC has already achieved a 3,000% gain since its listing, the outlook is favorable. Given if DFC remains in the same trajectory, it is likely it will be able to touch the price tag of $5 to $10 in the coming months and may reach $100 at the end of the year.

This is because the ecosystem will keep on growing with new projects being offered; and likewise, the community will also increase, ultimately more people investing in it. Investors who are learning about the connection that exists between NotCoin and DFC are getting involved without a single thought. 

Additionally, as the current market cap is $19.5 million if more exchanges list DFC, there is a very good chance for the market cap to touch $100 million. 

Another reason for DFC growth is that the project has its own Web 3 wallet, which users will sign up for whenever the team announces an airdrop. Airdrop will act as an incentive for users to get acquainted with the entire ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts: Should you buy DFC token? 

One of the biggest challenges Web 3 is faced with is the high number of scammers and projects with zero utility, who quietly leave the market by taking away user’s funds. Nor do they offer a level playing field to investors as the coins are distributed in a fashion that honors either their investors or the founders. 

DeFinder Capital takes a completely different approach by recognizing the issues prevalent in the crypto space. The project’s approach to be a DAO social fan token helps to ensure market manipulation is minimized. The project is also being developed by a team that is already skilled and aware of what they are doing. 

The project is rather a huge Ecosystem on one of the renowned layer 1 blockchains which is the TON blockchain. This approach makes DFC a centralized token that will be used by various projects, giving the token a reason to increase in its value as time passes. It has already achieved a thriving Telegram community and a game known as Arraken Planet. 

It has also launched DeWallet, which integrates DFC in a DEX wallet supporting TON tokens. Considering all of this, it is clear that DeFinder Capital will grow in the years to come if not months. However, the major portion of success will be how many projects are being developed in its ecosystem and how the community responds to the adoption. 

Another overlooked fact for the potential growth of DFC is the success founders gained with NotCoin, as over 1M Telegram premium users play the game. Now that the founders aim to bring the same expertise to DeFinder Capital, this is something that cannot be overlooked. 

Therefore, based on the existing data, it seems most likely that DeFinder Capital will be among the projects with a $100M market cap very soon.


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