Expert Prediction Says Bitcoin Price Surges to $500,000 in 2025

Analysts’ Predictions Peg Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price at $500,000 in 2025

Experts reviewed by BeInCrypto expect the approval of spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US and the 2024 halving to increase Bticoin’s price this year. Their 2025 Bitcoin price predictions augur well for those who invest in Bitcoin now.

BeInCrypto recently surveyed crypto community members to determine their Bitcoin price predictions for the next year.

Expert’s 2025 Price Prediction: BTC Hits $280,000

Charles Edwards of Capriole Investments expects Bitcoin to increase to $280,000 early next year. His analysis is based on the growth of the largest cryptocurrency following previous halvings.

Edwards’ $280,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction | Source: Charles Edwards

According to Edwards, the Chinese ban on crypto mining stalled Bitcoin’s growth in 2020. However, the asset will reach $280,000 in 2025 if the last post-halving cycle’s pattern repeats itself without similar interruptions, given the twin forces of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the 2024 Bitcoin halving.


“…I believe the 2020 cycle performance was mediocre and an outlier. When you drill it down to the two most important factors for Bitcoin this cycle, and add them together, it’s easy to arrive at a conservative Bitcoin price of $300K in the next couple years,” Edwards said.

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bitcoin price prediction 2025
Titan Crypto’s 2025 Bitcoin Price Predictions | Source: Titan of Crypto

On the other hand, technical analyst Titan of Crypto is less positive about Bitcoin’s price early next year, arguing that a correction will follow Bitcoin’s recent growth. According to a recent post on X, Titan Crypto believes that Bitcoin will hit $60,000 in early 2025. Later, the crypto’s price will increase to $340,000, according to their Elliot Wave crypto calculations.

Top Analysts Forecast $100K-$500K BTC Price

Crypto trader Stockmoney Lizards believes that Bitcoin could rise to $280,000 in 2025 and enter a correction afterward. Another analyst, Yoddha, believes the Bitcoin price will reach $100,000 in 2025. A repeat of the 2021 cycle could see its price reach $160,000.

bitcoin price prediction 2025
Stockmoney Lizards’ 2025 Bitcoin Price Prediction | Source: Stockmoney Lizards

Another technical analyst, Mags, believes the halving could move Bitcoin’s price closer to $300,000 in early 2025. Reducing the rate at which new BTC is released into circulation will cause the asset to enter a stage of parabolic growth.

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bitcoin price prediction 2025
Aurelien Ohayon’s 2025 Bitcoin Price Predictions | Source: Aurelien Ohayon

Aurelien Ohayon, a technical analyst at Xorstrategy, a company that offers algorithmic Bitcoin trading, is the most positive. He estimates that Bitcoin could rise to $100,000 in early 2025 and reach $500,000 later.


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