Cardano Founder Clears FUD About Hydra, Scaling, Partners

Cardano founder Hoskinson

In a series of messages over the weekend, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, addressed various concerns and rumors circulating about the project, specifically regarding the development of Hydra, partnerships, and the overall scaling strategy for the blockchain.

Cardano Founder Debunks FUD

Hoskinson began by addressing rumors that the Hydra protocol had been abandoned, labeling such claims as baseless fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). “I’m seeing some videos claiming that Hydra has been abandoned. It is just pure FUD. The team has never been more productive and motivated, there is great community engagement and new papers on the way for enhancements to the protocol,” Hoskinson stated. He directed those curious about the project to the official Hydra website for the latest information.

When confronted with a barrage of questions regarding the timeline for various initiatives such as the DISH partnership, the ERC20 converter, activities in Ethiopia, other African ventures, and a partnership in Mongolia, Hoskinson provided a comprehensive update.

He highlighted the successful deployment of the ERC20 converter, which facilitated SingularityNET‘s transition to Cardano, making it a billion-dollar asset. Hoskinson further noted, “Our Africa work continues through John via the RealFi company, we successfully trained developers in Mongolia and concluded pilots with all the entities mentioned. Sorry, try again.”


Further addressing queries about scaling Cardano, Hoskinson encouraged viewers to watch a detailed video that outlines Cardano’s preparedness for scaling challenges in a decentralized, secure, and high-integrity manner. He underscored Cardano’s achievements, including over 2300 days of continuous operation, as evidence of the project’s resilience and commitment to its founding principles.

“Cardano is best positioned to meet these challenges in a decentralized, secure, and high integrity way. Never forget what we’ve accomplished together with over 2300+ days uptime 24/7 while maintaining our principles,” Hoskinson said.

Clarifications On The World Mobile Partnership

Regarding the skepticism and negativity directed towards Cardano, Hoskinson speculated, “Man, it’s raining FUD this weekend, and I’m not sure about the origin. I guess it’s that time of the cycle where everyone freaks out about Cardano’s potential and roadmap, so they throw a wave of FUD at us.”

He provided insights into the partnership with World Mobile, emphasizing the project’s ambitious goals. “No current system in the entire blockchain ecosystem is capable or has technology to resolve a project at this scale involving billions of users. That’s why World Mobile is building it,” Hoskinson explained.

Clarifying misconceptions about partnerchains, Hoskinson emphasized that they are indeed part of Cardano, contrary to some community misunderstandings. Partnerchains are designed to allow for the development of hypercomplex projects with unique protocols, such as different consensus mechanisms, ledger rules, and transaction semantics. He pointed out that this flexibility is crucial for projects like World Mobile and decentralized social networks, aiming to connect the unconnected through a decentralized network with equal and fair rules.

Hoskinson’s discourse over the weekend provided not only rebuttals to the circulating FUD but also reaffirmed the strategic direction and robust foundation upon which Cardano is building its future. His statements reinforce the commitment of the Cardano team to scale the network securely and sustainably while pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology’s potential.

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