Who is better at crypto investing?

Who is better at crypto investing?

Cointelegraph video journalist and YouTube host Giovanni Pigni challenged ChatGPT to a crypto investment game. Both contenders had $100 to build a strong crypto portfolio and make as much money as possible in two weeks. 

The goal of the experiment was to find out whether artificial intelligence can beat a human in crypto trading and to find human strengths and weaknesses relative to AI’s investment approach.

In order to build the AI’s crypto portfolio, Giovanni trained it on a summary of the main events that happened in crypto in the last two years. Given the bearish market conditions of the previous few months, ChatGPT came up with a low-risk portfolio.

To build his own portfolio, Giovanni relied on the expert advice of Cointelegraph market analyst Marcel Pechman, who suggested a more aggressive but riskier approach.


Pechman recommended betting on high-beta decentralized finance tokens that were deeply affected by the Curve Finance hack in July. The logic was that those tokens had a good chance to bounce back and outperform large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

To find out who came out as the winner of the challenge, watch the full video on the Cointelegraph YouTube channel, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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