The Next Portal? BlockGames Airdrop Farming Takes Over Crypto Twitter

The Next Portal? BlockGames Airdrop Farming Takes Over Crypto Twitter

An aggressive airdrop farming campaign helped elevate Portal to become the biggest gaming token launch so far this year. Now BlockGames, a mobile-centric crypto gaming platform, is attempting to follow a similar playbook as it gears up to launch its BLOCK token.

BlockGames launched its BLOCK airdrop farming campaign on Friday, incentivizing hopeful token recipients to spread the word about the platform. And many of them are doing so, over and over and over again, much as they did with Portal.

Billed as a SocialFi experience, BLOCK farming lets users connect a Twitter account via the BlockGames mobile app, and then rewards those users with points when they tweet messages tagging the platform’s account or using a dedicated hashtag. Those points will eventually be converted to tokens for eligible users once the token is launched and the airdrop begins.

BlockGames’ tweet announcing the farming campaign already has millions of views and tens of thousands of interactions. Many hopeful farmers are tweeting at each other to boost engagement, flooding Crypto Twitter users’ timelines with BLOCK-related posts.


It’s a familiar story for anyone who used Crypto Twitter in November and December when Portal’s Crystal Dash airdrop farming campaign was in full swing.

The PORTAL token on Ethereum eventually launched at the end of February, reaching a peak market cap above $561 million on the first day following a Binance Launchpool rewards campaign that saw customers stake over $9 billion worth of crypto in the hopes of receiving tokens.

Crypto Twitter spam apparently worked out for Portal and its stakeholders. Will the same happen with BlockGames? Stay tuned.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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