Staking on Polkadot, explained

Staking on Polkadot, explained

It can do — and in some cases, you may have to lock up your DOT for 120 days.

A lot can happen in 120 days — case in point, DOT fell from an all-time high of $55 to lows of $17 over this timeframe… down 69%. This painfully shows why it’s important to assess your options, and consider staking providers where you can earn yield without enduring long lock-up periods and helplessly watching your crypto plunge in value.

In some cases, it can take 28 days to unbond from a validator node — while in others, you can choose between fixed periods of 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.

But XGo is completely rethinking this approach. This platform offers no lock-ups on withdrawals and no unbonding period, meaning you’re fully in control. Better still, rewards are paid out daily — and you can transfer your assets at any time.


Given how there’s heightened fear in the crypto markets, and a lot of uncertainty driven by the Federal Reserve’s mission to increase interest rates and tackle red-hot inflation, this much-needed flexibility helps keep HODLers in the driving seat.

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