No Crypto Or AI Ads This Year

Super Bowl

In a surprising move, the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII is set to showcase a lineup of commercials that veer away from the tech-focused ads that have dominated recent years. Instead, viewers can expect a return to traditional themes of amusement and comedy during the highly anticipated event where the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the San Francisco 49ers on February 11.

Renowned companies such as BMW, DoorDash, Budweiser, State Farm, and Oreo have secured slots for the big game, opting to tap into the broader appeal of traditional Super Bowl ad themes.

Super Bowl: Tech Exit, Brands Persist

This shift marks a departure from the sporadic presence of emerging technology sectors like cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence in previous years, except for 2023.

The decision to move away from the tech-heavy ads reflects not only the desire to entertain but also the rising costs associated with the Super Bowl. Estimates project that companies may need to shell out a staggering $7 million for a mere 30-second spot under the limelight.


Despite this hefty investment, traditional consumer brands have remained undeterred, reserving their slots in one of the most-watched programs on American television.

Total crypto market cap at $1.607 trillion on the daily chart:

However, the instability of the cryptocurrency market has significantly impacted the decision-making process for tech-oriented firms. The aftermath of tumultuous events, including FTX’s crash, has not only shaken investor confidence but also made advertisers more cautious.

This year’s lineup stands out due to the absence of cryptocurrency ads, despite the sector’s notable presence in previous Super Bowl commercials. It speaks volumes about the current uncertainty within the industry.

Super Bowl Ads: Lighter Tone Prevails

The shift towards a more lighthearted and entertaining approach is supported by Paul Hardart, a clinical professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He believes that advertisers may seek to provide a respite from the seriousness and complexity that has characterized recent years.

With the allure of massive audiences, further heightened by the presence of A-list celebrities, advertisers are keen to capture viewers’ attention through engaging and appealing programming that emphasizes humor and friendliness over specialized appeals.

As the Super Bowl draws near, anticipation mounts for the array of commercials that will grace the screens during breaks in the game. While the absence of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence ads marks a noticeable shift in this year’s lineup, it reflects the cautious approach of advertisers given the current landscape of the crypto industry.

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