How to Trade on an NFT Marketplace?

How to Trade on an NFT Marketplace?

SunContract introduced the first global NFT Marketplace this year. The NFT Marketplace allows buying and selling NFTs, and it tokenizes real and already operational solar panels. So, how can a user get the desired NFT from a previous series that has already been sold out? 

The “Trade” button takes you to the secondary market, where you can place an offer to purchase the selected NFT. Allow us to introduce some of the functionalities that our NFT marketplace offers.

Get to Know Our NFT Marketplace and Our NFTs

Our NFT Marketplace platform integrates blockchain technology, NFTs, and solar sector expertise to provide easy access to clean energy for everyone and everywhere. Solar-linked NFTs can be bought and sold anytime on SunContract’s NFT marketplace, while token-holders can manage the energy generated by their “Personal Power Plant” from a smartphone.

Each NFT represents a specific panel at a specific farm, with the holder enjoying the benefits associated with the physical asset. The initiative is aimed at people committed to the green transition and eager to invest in the future of renewables, as well as the crypto community, to get exposure to the real economy through the renewable energy sector.


The solar farm that was tokenized for the first collection, SunGenensis, lies in the village Višnje in Slovenija. 

By purchasing our NFTs, the user will own a digital asset representing an actual solar panel that produces electricity. The owner can receive revenue in SNC tokens from the energy produced, sell their NFT, or use the energy at home or in the business (in countries where SunContract owns energy permits or licenses, starting with Slovenia, Croatia, and Estonia, and more to come). 

This approach connects energy consumers and producers worldwide and makes each user part of a larger community, promoting sustainability, self-sufficiency, and decentralized energy management. Thereby, it fosters economic, social, and environmental progress. 

How to Buy Your First NFT

To purchase our NFTs, individuals must:

First, register on our official platform. You can do that by clicking the button LOG IN.

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All the main features of the NFT marketplace – LOG IN, Collect, Trade- are placed in the top right corner of the page.

After that, you need to complete the KYC verification on the platform.
When KYC is verified, the next step is buying SNC tokens, which are used to buy NFTs.

SNC tokens can be purchased on exchanges like Kriptomat or HTX. These tokens need to be transferred to your SunContract account.
You can also buy SNCs on the platform with a credit card directly linked to Kriptomat.
You can also transfer funds in EUR to your account via SEPA payment. The transferred funds will be exchanged for you into SNC tokens.

When you have enough SNCs on your account, you are ready to buy your NFT in the “Collect” or “Trade” section.

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In the Wallet overview on your account, you check your SNC and EUR balance, transfer SNC to your account  or buy them via credit card or by SEPA payment. 

The “Collect” section represents the primary market, where users can buy NFTs from the current collection available for sale. Previously released collections are also visible there. 

Users can click to open a specific collection where NFTs are still available, select the “Solar panels” option, and choose the desired NFT linked to a particular solar panel. The energy production analysis can be checked in this section by clicking the “Analytics” button.

“The ‘Trade’ section is the secondary market, intended for NFT owners who want to resell their NFTs. Interested users can buy NFTs from previous collections that were sold out. It offers a ‘Buy Now’ option, where individual NFTs are available with specific offers and prices (in SNCs and euros), and a ‘Make an Offer’ option. 

When you make an offer for a particular desired NFT, the NFT owner will receive your offer and decide whether to sell the NFT or not. The NFT will be transferred to your account if they accept your offer.

The production of associated panels, solar farms, location, minimum months of maturity, and Zero Offers and Non-Zero Offers can further filter NFTs offered on the secondary market.

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When choosing to place an offer for an NFT on the secondary market, you can limit your option by choosing several of filters available. 

Each NFT offered in the “Collect” or “Trade” section has its unique image, Power, Estimated Yearly Production, and Maturity Date. Additionally, for each NFT, you can see past (Historic) and forecasted future (Forecast) production statistics for one day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Each NFT features an image depicting a hero from our story. It’s an imaginary tale about time travel that includes accurate historical data. Our first tokenized power plant is located near a historic battle between two Roman emperors in 394 AD.

How to Monitor Statistics

Each registered user can also monitor various statistics. As described above, NFT statistics can be tracked in the Collect and Trade sections and the My Dashboard section, where all your purchased NFTs are gathered. 

You can track production statistics for one day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days. In addition to past production (Historic), you can monitor the forecasted future production (Forecast). You can also track Revenue history – for one day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Additionally, Leaderboard statistics are available. This ranking highlights all users whose NFTs have produced the most electricity on our Marketplace. In addition to the “Top energy producers last 7 days” statistics, there are also the “Top NFT buyers last 7 days” statistics.

When you are registered to the platform, you’ll also get access to your Dashboard, where you can track NFTs gathered. The Leaderboard shows the rankings of TOP energy producers and TOP NFT buyers for the last 7 days. 

Additional Functionalities

Each user can also see two icons in the top right corner of our NFT Marketplace. The wallet icon takes you to your SunContract digital wallet, where you can see the current balance of SNC coins and review all assets on the platform (wallet, transactions, and bills).

The bell icon shows notifications. Here, you can see notifications if someone responds to your offer on the secondary market, if you sell an NFT, etc. Notifications communicate all essential information relevant to users on our NFT Marketplace.

Benefits of Owning an NFT with SunContract

What does an NFT bring to the owners?

The owner of an NFT:

• Is entitled to the revenues generated by the solar panel represented by the associated NFT, paid out in SNC tokens directly to their SunContract wallet;


• Can consume the electricity produced by the personal power plant (Personal Power Plant – PPP) through the SunContract P2P energy marketplace and ensure self-sufficiency in countries where SunContract holds a license.

Unlocking Renewable Energy Access for All

With this innovation, SunContract opens the possibility of self-sufficiency for those who have not been able to obtain consent to connect a solar power plant or have had their consent denied. 

The solution presented is also intended for those who do not have the technical means to invest in their renewable energy source, as they live in an apartment building, multi-dwelling house, or apartment and therefore do not have their roof on which they could install their solar power plant. 

It is also beneficial for all those who have found investments in renewable energy sources too expensive until now. The solution with NFT tokens enables a personal power plant to be as if it were on its roof without worrying about maintenance or fear of potential fire hazards. 

This innovation is also suitable for companies that wish to lease their own renewable energy source for an extended period.

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Until now, three collections of NFTs have been released. The last one, “SunVista – Primordiun” is coming soon. If you wish to be alerted when that happens, you can apply for Special NFT alerts.


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