How to build a successful NFT Empire?

How to build a successful NFT Empire?

NFT Demon is the largest NFT artist on the Binance Smart Chain in terms of minted NFTs, large collections created, and a number of fully minted collections with 10,000 pieces or more. NFT Demon boasts six exceptional collections, including Cartel Punks, Bad Ass Doggos, and Gaming Shiba, with many more in development. 

NFT Demon has shown that his collections are the only ones that famous rapper Eminem owns on Binance Smart Chain. This was revealed after a blockchain review determined that Eminem only owns three NFTs in his Binance Smart Chain Wallet, those being from three of the collections created by NFT Demon.

Now with the launch of his new collection Super Gremlin on the ETH chain, Jeremy Ryan, aka NFT Demon, is aiming to share his story with Super Gremlin Holders. Jeremy’s new collection Super Gremlin focuses on bringing awareness to cancer in the NFT world as well as giving charitable contributions to cancer research institutions.  

The success of Jeremy’s Collections comes from his unique art, which resonates with artistic minds within the NFT community members like Eminem. After miraculously beating his brain cancer, Jeremy emerged with artistic talent that he said “felt almost out of body” creating the most unique advantage as an NFT Artist: being different from the others. 


Differentiation is a unique trait that NFT collections should emphasize on; with thousands of collections across diverse chains, art enthusiasts will always look for unique art to hold as NFTs. The utility side of an NFT collection is quite important as well; with utilities such as networking & giving back to charitable causes, NFT holders can feel deeply connected to the community. 

About Super Gremlin

Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection aimed to be different from every other project in the NFT space. While other projects focus on profits, the Super Gremlin community helps raise awareness against cancer within the web 3 space. Inspired by the story of its founder Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor, we aim to raise awareness & help various organizations through charitable contributions. The Super Gremlin community will also get to learn about NFT Art through various interactions with its founder, aka NFT DEMON. 

To learn more about Super Gremlin, visit our Website | Twitter | Discord

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