Google Sneakily Added ENS Data to Its Search Engine

Google Sneakily Added ENS Data to Its Search Engine

On the sly, Google introduced a feature that integrates on-chain data for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains into its search results nearly a year ago. 

ENS uses ERC-721 NFTs to map Ethereum addresses, typically random alphanumeric strings, to easy-to-remember names, functioning as a domain system on the Ethereum blockchain.

In May 2023, Google Search started displaying ENS domain and Ethereum address details, simplifying ENS ownership verification. Yet, the tech giant never announced this update.

Confirming the authenticity of this development, ENS confirmed on X just days ago, “The news is true! Google now gives wallet information for ENS name searches!” 

google ENS search
Source: X (ens.eth)

The Upsurge and Advantages of ENS

Since the Ethereum Foundation launched ENS in May 2017, the domain service has expanded significantly, bolstered by a partnership with GoDaddy and adoption by NFT projects like Pudgy Penguins

Registering a domain name through ENS currently takes place on Ethereum’s mainnet, which is notorious for its high transaction fees, including those for domain registration and upkeep.

However, ENS’s collaboration with Layer-2 networks circumvents such costs, benefiting developers of Ethereum-based applications.

Google’s recent update enhances visibility for ENS domain information, although it doesn’t extend to free subdomains provided by entities like Uniswap (e.g., foo.uni.eth).

Even so, Google’s move to include ENS details in its search results is a big deal. It shows that digital assets and blockchain technology are becoming more recognized and used in everyday tech.

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