Get your Ice Armor Chest

BEARVERSE: Get your Ice Armor Chest

Don’t miss your chance to acquire the armor сhest at a much lower price. It will serve you in future battles and more.


The first Bearverse Flash Sale wave sold 50 mystery boxes at 1 NEAR each. While the players had no idea of what was inside the boxes, the Flash Sale SOLD OUT in just 2 hours.

Now the secret is out: the mystery box is an Ice Armor Chest that will give your future bear an advantage—your bear will be better equipped and have special abilities in the game, such as increased parameters of health, power, and level of armor. This means you’ll be able to earn more money. 

Each chest may contain boots, a helmet, gloves, or armor. If the player collects the full set of NFT items, his bear will not only have the skills that come with each item but also unlock an “ice breath” ability. With it, every second hit slows down the enemy’s attacks by 20% for 3s. 


There are a few ways to get the full set. First of all, luck — the player might collect all items by purchasing 4 chests. Secondly, the player can buy the Legendary Chest with all items during the Public Sale. And lastly, the single items will be available for purchase on marketplaces after minting. 

Each Ice Armor Chest might contain another rare item — the Battle Pass — that will give the player the opportunity to make money earlier than everyone else by accessing the Alpha version of the game. 

Another possible benefit is freemint for not one but two playable NFT bears. You can get the first one by buying the Legendary Chest during the Public Sale and the second one by staking the full set via the smart contract.


The first and the second Flash Sale waves are already over. The third Flash Sale will take place on 20OCT22. It will have a total of 90 chests at 1.4 NEAR. 

Note: the price will only rise in the future. For instance, in the upcoming Public Sale, one Ice Armor Chest will go for 2 NEAR. And after minting, when the chests are fully opened, the prices of their contents will be even higher in marketplaces. 

Members of the Bearverse community are always a priority. That’s why they get a 1h head start by submitting their email and NEAR wallet via this form. 

If you are reading this, you have the rare opportunity to also submit the above details too and enjoy the same privileges. Leave your details to make sure you are in the best position to get the coveted Ice Armor Chest. Note: you can buy up to 5 units.


Bearverse is a competitive mid-core team battler featuring NFTs. It’s also an entire ecosystem of exciting games, united by one token, 3D bear NFTs, and a mysterious frost-punk world.

The story takes place in Björden, a freezing world of beasts, where the dark mysticism of endless ice plains mixes with the brutal dieselpunk. The surviving bears dream of finding the path to Warm Sunset, reigniting the Sun, and melting the ice. 

Deep lore, electrifying gameplay, and the opportunity to make real money in this Web3 game. This is what Bearverse is all about. 

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