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French Montana, recognized as the highest-streaming African-born artist with over 40 billion streams, has set a new precedent in the music and crypto realms by becoming the first mainstream artist to inscribe an entire song into the Bitcoin blockchain. The announcement, made through the Mac & Cheese 5 account on X (formerly Twitter) on March 14, introduces “Bag Curious,” a hidden track from the Mac & Cheese 5 album now permanently inscribed into the world’s most secure decentralized system via Bitcoin’s Proof of Work.

The Mac & Cheese 5 account detailed the process, stating, “An unreleased track by French Montana titled ‘Bag Curious,’ has been inscribed into Bitcoin, marking him as the first mainstream artist to inscribe a complete song into the most robust cloud system, which is fueled by Proof of Work. This development is unchangeable and cannot be censored, making it a historic moment.”

French Montana Writes Bitcoin History

The significance of this event is heightened by the fact that the MP4 file of “Bag Curious” occupied an entire BTC block, a feat underscored by French Montana himself: “Launched the freshest music ordinal out there! Snagged an entire block from Marathon Digital all with that Ordinalsbot sorcery. Our legacy on Bitcoin forever with #brc420 today for anyone to own history!”

This inscription has been celebrated as the third-largest Ordinal inscription ever, a notable achievement that underscores the innovative use of the Ordinals protocol for purposes beyond financial transactions. The Ordinals account,, acknowledged the milestone on X: “BREAKING: French Montana just dropped his newest song Bag Curious by inscribing it into Bitcoin in the third largest Ordinal inscription ever!”


The inscription is numbered 64333690, has a size of 3.956 megabyte, and occupies the entire block #834,618.

Ahead of the release, the enthusiasm and anticipation from the community were palpable, with the Mac & Cheese 5 account revealing, “Incredible, we’ve hit 50,000 comments! It’s clear from the community’s response that the Mac and Cheese 5 #PFPS are going to be a massive success! Bitcoin #Ordinals is the only place French Montana wants to be. Inscribed forever! No need for AWS.”

Moreover, the collaborative effort with was highlighted as a pivotal element of the project’s success, transforming the minting process into an innovative and exciting venture. “A massive shoutout to Leonidas of and the team at Their incredible platform transformed what could have been a mundane mint into something exciting,” the Mac & Cheese 5 account praised, reflecting the artist’s sentiment, “Leon, you make Bitcoin fun @LeonidasNFT.”

The groundbreaking nature of this inscription not only showcases French Montana’s innovative approach to music distribution but also solidifies Ordinals as a viable platform for artists seeking immutable, censorship-resistant methods to share their work. As Bitcoin continues to evolve and intersect with various industries, this historic moment marks a significant step forward in exploring new frontiers of digital content ownership and distribution.

At press time, BTC traded at $71,563.

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