Florida and Alaska restrict Binance US

Florida and Alaska restrict Binance US

Binance US faces bans in Florida and Alaska after CEO’s guilty plea triggers regulatory crackdown.
Florida suspends Binance US’s license, Alaska denies renewal, citing concerns over Zhao’s plea.
Despite setbacks, Binance US remains operational in select states.

Binance US, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange branch licensed to operate in the US, is under increased regulatory scrutiny as Florida and Alaska enforce bans on its services following the guilty plea of its founder and former CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

These developments mark a critical juncture for the crypto industry, emphasizing the challenges faced by Binance US in navigating the evolving legal landscape in the United States.

Regulatory crackdown in Florida

Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation took swift action, suspending Binance US’s local license and prohibiting the exchange from conducting money transmission activities in the state. The regulatory move follows Zhao’s admission to anti-money laundering violations and his subsequent guilty plea.


Zhao’s plea in November 2023 triggered an emergency order in Florida, leading to the ban on Binance US’s money transmitter license. The crackdown underscores the strict stance on regulatory enforcement and anti-money laundering compliance within the cryptocurrency industry. Binance US, in response, emphasizes operational continuity while grappling with Zhao’s legal troubles.

Alaska’s denial of license renewal

Simultaneously, Alaska’s Division of Banking and Securities denied Binance US’s license renewal in January 2024, citing concerns over Zhao’s guilty plea and its implications for the exchange’s operations. The decision reflects a growing trend of regulatory actions impacting cryptocurrency businesses operating in the United States.

Despite these setbacks, Binance US remains operational in several states, having secured agreements in Arkansas, Illinois, and South Dakota. The exchange assures users of uninterrupted services, but the regulatory bans in Florida and Alaska highlight the legal complexities faced by Binance US.

The road ahead for Binance US

As the legal landscape for cryptocurrency firms continues to shift, Binance.US faces uncertainties regarding its future in states like Florida and Alaska. Zhao’s guilty plea and the regulatory actions serve as a cautionary tale for the entire digital currency sector, emphasizing compliance with anti-money laundering laws.

These developments also shed light on Binance US’s ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the broader industry’s efforts to address regulatory challenges. Binance US’s ability to navigate this complex environment and adhere to evolving regulations will shape its trajectory in the competitive US crypto market.

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