Cardano Enters Top 10 NFT Chains


Cardano, a prominent blockchain platform, is making waves in the non-fungible token (NFT) market with a remarkable surge in trading volume. Latest data shows that Cardano’s sales volume has skyrocketed by 18%, propelling it to a solid position within the top 10 chains. This marks a significant milestone for the platform, highlighting its growing traction and appeal in the vibrant NFT space, as its total trading volume reaches an impressive $116,803.

While Cardano exhibits promising growth, Ethereum remains the undisputed leader in the NFT space. Ethereum’s dominance is evident as it maintains its top position with nearly $14 million in sales, marking a significant increase of 18%.

Cardano Makes The Cut As Ethereum Blockchain Leads

The Ethereum platform’s well-established infrastructure and widespread popularity continue to cement its status as the go-to platform for NFT trading.


In contrast, Solana, previously ranked second, faced a setback in NFT sales with a significant decline of 29% to $9.1 million. However, amidst the fluctuating landscape, smaller chains like Mythos and Flow are emerging as contenders. Flow, in particular, has witnessed a remarkable surge in sales volume, experiencing a substantial 34.57% increase. This surge indicates a growing interest in alternative blockchain platforms, showcasing the dynamic nature of the NFT market.

The realm of NFT collections is as diverse as ever, with Ethereum’s CryptoPunks reigning supreme. The iconic CryptoPunks collection continues to captivate collectors, generating an astonishing $4.5 million in sales. Although the number of transactions has seen only modest growth, the enduring appeal of CryptoPunks remains unparalleled.

On the Solana chain, CryptoUndeads have risen in popularity, boasting an impressive 65.74% surge in sales volume. This surge indicates a fervent collector interest in the unique attributes and value proposition of CryptoUndeads, solidifying its position as a sought-after NFT collection.

Cardano currently trading at $0.496091 on the daily chart:

ADA Displays Bullish Signals

Turning our attention to Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, it has displayed a bullish trajectory since early November 2023. CoinMarketCap reports indicate that ADA’s market capitalization has surged by a staggering $8 billion during this period. While the token experienced a slight decline recently, falling by 14.0% to $0.5357 as of January 20, ADA holders remain optimistic about its future prospects.

ADA holders anticipate that the ongoing rally will be fueled by the expected rise in decentralized finance (DeFi) activity and the projected uptick in NFT trading. Analysts predict a surge in demand for Cardano-based NFTs, further bolstering the positive sentiment around ADA’s value.

Moreover, the recent approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has generated excitement within the Cardano community. Some analysts project that this development could push ADA’s value up by 34% to $0.71, amplifying investor enthusiasm.

As the NFT market continues to evolve, Cardano’s soaring trading volume and ADA’s bullish momentum position the blockchain platform and its native token for potential success in the ever-expanding world of blockchain-based assets.

With increased attention on DeFi and the broader NFT ecosystem, Cardano strives to carve out its niche and compete with established players, offering a promising and dynamic landscape for NFT enthusiasts and investors alike.

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