Borroe Finance Presale has Launched

New Crypto to Watch: Borroe Finance Presale has Launched

As crypto enthusiasts and players hope for a bull run, they watch for new, innovative, and promising projects. Borroe ($ROE) has slowly emerged as a crypto that is garnering a lot of eyes, and it is currently on presale.

The Borroe ($ROE) Project

The Web3 space is evolving, bringing previously unimaginable solutions to the forefront. Borroe Finance, the project behind the $ROE token, has set up shop in the space and aims to revolutionize blockchain-based fundraising as we know it.

Borroe Finance is particularly concerned with how small businesses access funds that help them win in the Web3 ecosystem.

Borroe project takes hold of AI and blockchain technologies and forms an innovative platform – a crowdfunding marketplace that helps these startups and small businesses access critical funding, scale, thrive, and reach heights they formerly only dreamed about.


According to the Borroe whitepaper, the team is focused on reinventing “borroeing” by building a marketplace for Web3 businesses to “sell and convert future recurring revenue into upfront cash.” 

By fueling the Web3 revolution through its AI-powered Web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace, Borroe Finance helps businesses generate funds from the Web3 community.

Through the marketplace, Web3 businesses get to access upfront cash based on future recurring revenues like royalties and subscriptions. The marketplace is the equitable and useful financial ecosystem needed, helping businesses access capital faster and cheaper. Investors also get higher returns than the average traditional investment offers.

Beating the traditional finance space in a game it has played for a long time necessitates the need for experience and innovation in those who spearhead a project hoping to attain the feat. With Borroe’s aim to disrupt, it needed qualified team members.

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Serving the Web3 objective

The evolution from Web1 through Web3 has a direct effect on how value and content are shared. The value placed on creators has evolved, yet a lack of funding greatly threatens this objective. 

Accessing funds can be a herculean task for ordinary content creators in the Web3 industry, especially with traditional finance still grappling with the understanding of digital assets.

$ROE tokens, issued by Borroe Finance, allow the Web3 community to fund its own. Dealing with traditional financing problems like poor security, compliance restraints, and a lack of automation, among others, Borroe makes life easier for Web3 market participants.

Web3 content creators like NFT artists, writers, Web3 platform providers, and other digital creators can now have one less problem. 

By effectively dealing with the cash flow challenges this class of people deal with, Borroe further strengthens and achieves the Web3 objective.

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The Borroe Finance Team

Spearheading the $ROE project are Michael Price and Maxim Prishchepo. Maxim’s deep knowledge of blockchain technology and financial systems and Michael’s extensive experience in creating efficient solutions in the fintech and financial services sectors form a strong force in directing and developing the Borroe project.

The team realizes the sensitive issue of security as it affects the Web3 evolution. This realization translates to getting the best done for the project, and that involves getting the best auditing firm to carry out the highly important audit of the project’s smart contract.

Auditing ensures that a project’s portrayed efficiency is real and addresses the potential security vulnerabilities that exist. It also tests the integrity of the project’s smart contract. 

This process is what BlockAudit put Borroe Finance through, and the project passed excellently. It is one thing to pass an audit and another to pass the audit of a renowned auditing firm. As a top-tier auditing firm, BlockAudit’s published successful audit result endorses Borroe Finance, proving its worth and assuring users of its security.

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The $ROE Presale is Live

The $ROE presale is now live. Having passed the beta stage, it is now in the first stage (Stage One). Meaning it is in an early phase of its life cycle. Borroe is well-positioned to disrupt the traditional funding industry and has ambitions to capture a significant global market share as it grows.

At only the first stage of seven, over 32 million $ROE have been sold as of the time of this writing.

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