Borroe Finance draws attention in presale as Ethereum and BNB investors seek new opportunities

Borroe Finance draws attention in presale as Ethereum and BNB investors seek new opportunities

Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) are among the best altcoins in the crypto industry, and investors will always have them in their portfolios. Even though these tokens are currently bullish, they will probably not deliver a triple-digit ROI to investors in 2024. 

As a result, savvy investors turned to a fast-growing crypto token called Borroe Finance ($ROE). Keep reading to see expert opinions and forecasts on these tokens.   

Standard Chartered predicts a May Ethereum Spot ETFs approval

On January 30, analysts at Standard Chartered (one of the world’s leading financial institutions) predicted that the US SEC may approve Ethereum Spot ETFs by May 23. According to Geoff Kendrick (head of Digital Assets Research at SC), Ethereum will likely mirror BTC’s price movement in the weeks leading up to SEC’s approval for BTC Spot ETFs. Therefore, Kendrick predicts that ETH could trade for $4,000 before its approval.

Thanks to this positive Ethereum crypto news, ETH recorded a minor price surge in the last week of January. On January 24, ETH traded for $2,230. A week later, ETH gained 4.89% and sold for $2,336. According to crypto analysts, Ethereum may likely be one of the best crypto investments in 2024 due to landmark activities in the blockchain industry. BTC halving comes in April, and the resulting market volatility will likely push ETH to $3,200.


Binance Coin surges amid groundbreaking partnership

On January 27, Laika AI (one of the world’s best DeFi research platforms) announced a partnership with Binance Coin Greenfield. Binance Coin Greenfield is a sub-chain of the BNB chain built to provide a decentralized data storage system and thriving web3 data economy to the blockchain industry. In other news, Crypto Slam recently revealed that Binance Coin Chain NFT sales shot up by 688% in the last week of January.

Thanks to these favourable ecosystem developments, BNB went bullish in late January. On January 24, BNB traded for $292. Seven days later, BNB gained 4.84% and sold for $307. According to crypto experts, BNB is primed for a price surge in Q1 2024 because retail crypto traders will return to accumulate altcoins during BTC’s halving in April. Therefore, BNB will likely trade for $325 by March 2024.   

Investors back $ROE, presale raises over $2.7M in four stages

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is the world’s first web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace. As a decentralized fundraising marketplace, Borroe Finance allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by minting future earnings into NFTs and selling them to supportive communities at discounted prices. To ensure the safety of the fundraising process, Borroe Finance incorporates AI-risk assessment and efficient payment solutions into its protocol.  

$ROE’s fourth presale stage is ongoing, and the token is selling for $0.019. So far, $ROE has completed 85.7% of its current presale stage, and the platform has raised over $2.7 million. When all presale stages conclude, $ROE will surge to $0.040 and deliver a massive 110.5% ROI to early investors. Furthermore, experts believe $ROE will record quick market acceptance in 2024 and likely trade for $0.190 by the end of the year.  

To learn more about Borroe Finance, visit Borroe Finance Presale, join their  Telegram Group, or follow Borroe Finance on Twitter. 

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