Binance Accused of Firing Whistleblower Over Market Manipulation

Binance Faces Allegations of Firing Employee That Flagged Market Manipulation

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, faces allegations of dismissing an employee who reported potential market manipulation.

This development has intensified the scrutiny under which the exchange operates. It raises critical questions about its dedication to maintaining a fair trading environment.

Binance Invites Another Allegation While Its Co-Founder Faces Jail Term

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Binance fired the head of its market surveillance team after he highlighted manipulative activities by DWF Labs. Notably, these activities included market schemes such as pump-and-dump and wash trading. Such actions contravene Binance’s terms of use and could attract severe legal consequences in traditional financial markets.

The ousted leader and his team, who hailed from the conventional finance sphere, aimed to bring Binance’s practices up to regulatory standards. Their investigations revealed that some “VIP” clients engaged in illicit trades that compromised the platform’s integrity.


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Responding to the allegations, a Binance spokesperson denied any tolerance for market manipulation.

Binance Pledged to Thwart Suspicious Trading—Until It Involved a Lamborghini-Loving High Roller – WSJ

“We have a robust surveillance framework that identifies and takes action against market abuse. We do not favor any individual user, no matter how big, over the safety of the platform,” a Binance spokesperson told WSJ.

This incident is part of a broader context of Binance’s regulatory challenges. In late 2023, the US regulators rebuked the platform for putting profits before user protection. Consequently, Binance agreed to a substantial $4.3 billion fine for breaching anti-money-laundering standards.

Moreover, Binance’s founder, Changpeng Zhao, was recently sentenced to four months in jail, highlighting the exchange’s ongoing legal issues. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also filed additional civil charges against Binance. They accuse the platform of misleading US investors about its risk controls and trading practices.

WSJ claims that its report on market manipulation was compiled from thorough internal investigations and reviews of pertinent company documents and emails. It suggests that despite the surveillance team’s crucial role in regulatory compliance, their recommendations were often ignored if they conflicted with the interests of prominent clients.

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The surveillance team enhanced its capabilities with new software tools that detect and prevent manipulative trading practices. Despite these advancements, firing their leader casts doubt on the exchange’s commitment to transparency and fairness.


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