ATOR duilds deep partnerships in renewed mission to build largest privacy DePIN

ATOR duilds deep partnerships in renewed mission to build largest privacy DePIN

In an age where every aspect of people’s internet activity is tracked and analyzed, and trust in corporations to uphold internet privacy is at an all-time low, ATOR has staked their belief that only a decentralized solution can deliver true internet privacy.

In their mission to build a universal privacy layer for the internet, ATOR is on course to build the largest traffic-routing and privacy DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure). In embarking on this mission, ATOR has signed monumental partnerships that will propel the project into a global movement.

Background: ATOR Protocol

Launched in early 2023, ATOR initially sought to strengthen the Tor network, building out the Proof-of-Uptime protocol that, just months into its release, governed over 20% of Tor’s relays. Since then, ATOR has pivoted into developing its own network, taking Tor’s onion-routing technology and deploying a new level of decentralization and applicability.

ATOR’s Vision for the Universal Privacy Layer for the Internet

ATOR’s new vision is ‘Privacy, not Secrecy’. Unlike its predecessors, the ATOR Network is more than just a browsing or VPN solution. It is a composable traffic-routing layer that any application can route through or build on top of. The ATOR Network protects a wide range of network traffic – from apps and streaming to web3 gaming and DePIN. Any application can access it through the ATOR SDK.


Crucially, the network is planned to be truly decentralized, not only in the technical management of nodes in the network and the allocation of bandwidth but also through the access to contribution. The network is not just upheld by high-spec hardware and technical operators – it is built for anyone to contribute their bandwidth and resources to its growth. The development of an accessible, rewarding, and viral movement is central to ATOR’s approach and key to achieving mainstream success.

ATOR Creates Strategic Partnership with Fortune-500 Builders Forte

The Forte Group is a software house that has built projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies, such as the CME Group and Tinder. Since November, Forte has provided a handpicked team of senior engineers to build ATOR’s network.

Recently, this working relationship has advanced into a much deeper partnership; ATOR Labs and Forte Group have become joint partners in the delivery of the ATOR Ecosystem. Slava Kreynin, the Executive Chairman and Founder of Forte, joins ATOR as an investor and advisor to the project. With over 2 decades of experience in bridging the gap between people and technology, and a proven track record of world-class delivery, the inclusion of the Forte Group to ATOR has skyrocketed the technical firepower of the team.

ATOR Assembles a Super-Team of Advisors and Partners

Furthermore, with renewed focus on DePIN, ATOR have been quick to onboard some of the biggest names in the space. Hotspotty, the largest Helium educator and facilitator for over 100,000 DePIN nodes, is set to lead ATOR’s education and outreach.

Gold and Hawks, the DePIN consultancy who advised Helium in their pivot to launch Helium Mobile, also joined ATOR’s advisory board. Other investors coming on board include EnigmaFund, IndigoFund and Genesis Capital.

On the project front, IoTeX and ATOR announced their partnership early in February 2024, with ATOR providing privacy-routing solutions for the entire IoTeX DePIN cohort. IoTeX is a powerful partner for DePIN projects, combining fast, secure blockchain tech with the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices.

Over the last quarter, numerous other web3 projects declared their commitment to building on the ATOR Network to enhance their users’ privacy, including Tectum and PaalAI.

New Paradigm with Imminent Launch of Hardware

ATOR introduces a polished piece of open-source relay hardware designed to democratize participation in the network. The initial 1000 relays sold out in record time, showcasing the conviction the market is in contributing to the ATOR network. The relay is a low-powered computing device that enables anyone to contribute to the network.

In return, they receive ATOR tokens as a reward for their resource provision. It offers a groundbreaking approach to internet browsing, acting as a decentralized VPN that encrypts user traffic end-to-end and accesses anonymous services built directly into the network. At current, the ATOR relay hardware acts as a node, with plans to transform into a router and encrypt all network traffic through Wi-Fi.

The ATOR Network is also engineered to host services within its infrastructure, reducing the need for exit nodes to proxy traffic. ATOR will still contain exit nodes for applications and users who need access to the clear web. This design ensures that streaming, messaging, and marketplaces are directly accessible on the network’s relays, facilitating a seamless and anonymous internet experience. Through the ATOR Router, users can effortlessly interact with these services, enjoying enhanced privacy and autonomy.

With the imminent launch of hardware – premiering at ETH Denver 2024 – ATOR is ahead of the curve on the exponentially growing DePIN narrative. ATOR’s appeal is the simplicity of its vision – join a network, contribute your bandwidth, and get rewards.

Through the hardware, non-technical and non-crypto-native users can easily onboard themselves and earn rewards. Its accessibility to the mainstream, coupled with the inherent scalability, makes ATOR a force to reckon with in the privacy and DePIN space.

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