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The cryptocurrency kingdom is abuzz with chatter of a potential changing of the guard. Bitcoin, the undisputed king for over a decade, finds its dominance challenged by a restless altcoin army. Analyst Egrag Crypto has identified a critical juncture that could spell either a surge in Bitcoin’s reign or a long-awaited altcoin uprising.

Breaking The Chains: Key Levels For Bitcoin Dominance

Egrag Crypto’s analysis hinges on two technical indicators: the 57.5 and 50 dominance levels for Bitcoin. These levels act as a moat around the Bitcoin castle, with implications for both the king and its challengers.

Should Bitcoin breach the 57.5 wall and establish dominance above this level, it could signal a “bullish stampede” towards Bitcoin. Investors, eager to be part of a winning team, would flock to Bitcoin, potentially leaving altcoins in the dust. This scenario would solidify Bitcoin’s position as the ultimate digital store of value, potentially propelling its price significantly higher compared to altcoins.

However, the altcoin army isn’t going down without a fight. A drop in Bitcoin dominance below the crucial 50 level could be the spark that ignites an altcoin revolution.


This breach would signify a crack in Bitcoin’s armor, potentially leading to a decline in its dominance and a surge in altcoin interest. Investors, sensing an opportunity, might reallocate their portfolios towards altcoins, hoping to capitalize on potential price gains.

BTC is now trading at $64,336. Chart: TradingView

Investment Decisions Based On Dominance

Egrag Crypto’s analysis provides valuable insights for investors navigating this potential paradigm shift. Investors seeking stability might prioritize Bitcoin if its dominance climbs above 57.5. Conversely, those with a taste for calculated risks might find altcoins attractive if Bitcoin dominance dips below 50.

The analyst emphasizes the importance of portfolio flexibility. A decline in Bitcoin dominance could be a signal to gradually move away from altcoin holdings to establish a position for potential future outperformance by Bitcoin. This “tactical shift” highlights the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, where dominance levels can serve as a crucial guide for investment decisions.

Bitcoin Price Forecast

Source: CoinCodex

Meanwhile, the current Bitcoin price prediction forecasts a significant rise, anticipating a 32.21% increase to reach $85,091 by July 23, 2024. Despite this optimistic outlook, the current technical indicators suggest a bearish sentiment in the market. This contradiction between the predicted price rise and the bearish sentiment indicates potential market volatility and uncertainty among investors.

Additionally, the Fear & Greed Index, currently at 55, signals a sentiment of greed, hinting at a potentially overheated market. Over the past 30 days, Bitcoin has seen a moderate price volatility of 2.71%, with 53% of the days closing in the green. This combination of moderate volatility and a majority of positive trading days suggests that while short-term sentiment might be cautious, the overall market trend could still be upward.

Featured image from Pexels, chart from TradingView

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