AltSignals ride AI trends as focus shifts to accelerated product launches in 2024

AltSignals ride AI trends as focus shifts to accelerated product launches in 2024

AltSignals is expected to launch numerous products in 2024.
The project is expected to benefit from the positive optimism in the AI sector.
$ASI value will be unlocked as the ActualizeAI platform operationalises. 

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, and it is not a coincidence that exposed sectors are benefiting. AI tokens saw increased gains, led by the Worldcoin token (WLD), which claimed a new record. Elsewhere, stocks of companies linked to AI, such as Nvidia, are claiming a new record. This has built optimism that the newly launched project AltSignals ($ASI) will grow immensely in 2024. That comes amid a string of project launches expected to enhance the token’s trajectory in the year.

AltSignals: A project leveraging AI for quality trading signals

One of the main key selling propositions of AltSignals has been its AI use in the trading world. After a successful signal generation service helped by algorithms, AltSignals is ready for its next phase. Use artificial intelligence to produce more quality signals and supercharge investors’ earnings.

The platform, created in 2017 by a group of UK traders, is home to over 52,000 traders on Telegram. AltSignals’ signal quality is above 64%, making traders rate the platform with a 4.9/5 star score on TrustPilot. The signals cover various financial instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and stocks.


An increased demand for AltSignals prompted its team to consider integrating AI in its signal generation. The aim is to tap into AI’s machine learning capabilities, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. This way, the AltSignals team will produce more quality signals with higher profitability. 

The launch of ActualizeAI, an AI-powered platform, complements AltSignals iteration. The new signal generation service is powered by AI, where members own a cryptocurrency, $ASI. This has been an attraction as investors look at $ASI as a potential gainer due to its exposure to AI sectors. Consequently, the AltSignals team has been driving toward actualising slated product launches in 2024.

AltSignals 2024 big lineup: $ASI listing, NFT marketplace, and partnerships

2024 is the big year for AltSignals to actualise its AI-enabled trading dream, with key launches lined up. After the token’s highly successful presale, $ASI was listed on Uniswap and opened its staking program. The listing opened $ASI for public purchases as the token prepares for further listing. 

However, the key highlight for the token so far is it’s staking product. The staking carries a 25% ROI for a staking period of 30 days. Investors quickly staked the tokens, with nearly 100% of subscriptions for the 30,000,000 tokens on offer. 

Next on the list of items sparking interest in AltSignals is the ActualizeAI Pass NFT Marketplace. The NFT marketplace is expected in Q1, 2024. This is an opportunity for investors to gain exposure to shared revenue on new product launches. The quarter will be capped with the launch of a new website that will accelerate product development. 

As the year rolls over, AltSignals will seek growth through partnerships. These include institutions that licence ActualizeAI and affiliate deals in Q2. The team will also develop its system for real-time notifications, enabled by a sentiment analysis engine. New AI product releases will follow in Q3, while AltSignals will intensify its global marketing. 

Analysts are hopeful that as AltSignals actualises it’s AI signal service in 2024, demand for $ASI will grow. Coupled with trends in AI and the bullish crypto market, the value of $ASI will be unlocked. 

Is $ASI a good investment?

The speculative value of $ASI is high, with analysts earmarking the token for up to 50x gain. The prediction is based on the fact that the token is backed by an already successful platform. As more investors join AltSignals and ActualizeAI, the demand and price for the token will rise.

Investing in AltSignals is also an opportunity to earn from trading. Investors benefit from the high-quality signals the AltSignals team generates to supercharge their earnings. This also includes participating in other products, such as the ActualizeAI NFT marketplace. The diverse opportunities make AltSignals attractive to investors looking to grow their incomes.

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