AgoraBank Ushers In The Future Of Banking

AgoraBank Ushers In The Future Of Banking

The finance industry has long been under the control of centralized corporations like banks, insurance companies, stockbrokers, etc., who operate as exclusive, profit-focused middlemen that people cannot access financial services. 

This overly centralized system has led some of these institutions to operate with impunity, resulting in some financial crises. 

However, blockchain technology has ushered in an era of hope through decentralized, people-focused crypto banking, and AgoraBank has leveraged this technology to introduce the bank of the future (bank 3.0).

AgoraBank is a decentralized banking platform built with blockchain technology. This means that the platform is owned and governed by its users. 

This solves the earlier discussed problem of over-centralization in financial institutions. AgoraBank also combines already established banking services and more recent crypto services to offer its users extensive financial services. 

The founding principles of AgoraBank are decentralization and user ownership. Hence, AgoraBank users are able to take part in platform expansion, decision-making, and profit sharing.

AgoraBank combines traditional banking and decentralization in one single application. The platform enables users to integrate cryptocurrency with their regular finance and purchase, loan, borrow, trade, exchange or build careers with financial assets without the need for any middleman. The future of banking is here.

A decentralized bank for everyone

AgoraBank is a crypto bank that gives users the benefits of traditional banking and decentralization from the comfort of their homes. Traditional banks offer several financial services, but they are often limited by location and centralized governance. 

Also, their position as middlemen prevents customers from having direct access to financial services. This results in unequal access to financial services and has created an unbanked global population of over 1.4 billion people who have no access to the traditional financial industry.

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AgoraBank addresses this problem by effectively eliminating the middleman, allowing customers to access banking services at any time, from anywhere in the world, regardless of who they are. ​​This creates an immense opportunity for everyone to not only access financial services but also to have an equal chance of benefiting from them.

Traditional banking and cryptocurrency services in one application

AgoraBank was built by a diverse team of well-experienced professionals who combined their extensive individual experiences in traditional finance and cryptocurrency to create an inclusive banking platform. It gives users the best of both worlds. By registering with AgoraBank, users can enjoy the following services:

AGO Token

The AgoraBank native token (AGO) enables users to access several features, like an exchange, governance, etc., on the platform. It runs on the BNB Chain and the Ethereum network and has smart tokenomics which provides a good balance between supply and demand. 

Anyone can buy AGO tokens from the initial coin offering (ICO)  to become an AgoraBank stakeholder. 

AgoraBank Debit Card

AgoraBank offers users a free debit card to enable them to transact in a way that they may already be familiar with. This provides a diverse means for users to transact and can also make it easier for average people to begin using the platform. They also get exclusive benefits such as cashback on transactions from the AgoraBank Debit Card.

AgoraBank Trading Tool 3.0 is an easily accessible and easy-to-use decentralized trading system that enables both beginners and professionals to trade profitably. Users can just connect their wallet with no KYC verification and gain all-day access to more than 50 crypto trading pairs.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Services

AgoraBank DEX supports numerous crypto coins and allows the buying, selling, and swapping of these coins at a low cost. Users can invest in, buy and sell crypto assets (by card or transfer) to make a profit or maintain their crypto holding based on their preferred investment strategy. 

Wallet Interoperability

AgoraBank allows users to create or access crypto wallets that carry out on-chain and cross-chain transactions. This maximizes the reach of financial services available on the platform.

Decentralized Autonomous Organisations

Traditional banks have centralized management which reduces transparency by creating an intermediary between users and financial assets/services. 

Users of Agorabank are part owners of the platform, and they can form Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to vote on policies that will guide the operation of the bank.

Unique benefits of AgoraBank 

AgoraBank also offers unique benefits in addition to the services already described. Some of them are highlighted as follows: 

Users can become Agora Citizens and enjoy citizen rights like Agora NFT, Airdrops, Early Access, VIP status, etc.
Users can participate in Agora Adventures to gain XP (experience points), which can be converted to cryptocurrency.
Invite people to invest in AgoraBank and earn a referral bonus of up to 45% commission from their decentralized exchange transactions and up to 9% on their ICO investment.

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