3 days left: Bitcoin Dogs presale surpasses $10M as countries open doors to US spot ETFs

Bitcoin could rally towards $55k soon as Bitcoin Dogs presale crosses $3 million

Bitcoin Dogs presale ends on March 15, and the listing will be in Q1 2024.
The presale has raised over $10 million amid a market frenzy of the first Bitcoin ICO.
Bitcoin Dogs’ presale frenzy could fuel strong price moves after listing.

Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) looks set for the next phase: listing on exchanges. 3 days to the end of the frenzy presale, Bitcoin Dogs has raised more than $10 million. Notably, this amount has been raised in precisely 26 days. This cementing Bitcoin Dogs as one of the most successful presales and a token with huge potential. With this, investors are optimistic about post-listing gains due to Bitcoin Dogs’ association with Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin hit a new record above $72,000. This comes as more institutions embrace the US spot Bitcoin ETFs, and the halving event nears. Let’s dive in to discover more about Bitcoin Dogs and the inevitable boosts from Bitcoin.

Thailand to allow certain investors to invest in US spot Bitcoin ETFs

Thailand’s market regulator has reportedly made changes to its rules to allow exposure to US spot Bitcoin ETFs. Local news suggests the regulator would allow ultra-high-net-worth individuals to get the spot ETF exposure. This is in addition to institutions in the country.

Previously, Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission Act did not cover digital asset ETFs. Asset managers were only allowed to provide trading for security-classified assets. Upon approving the spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, Thai regulations recognized the assets as securities.


In addition, India’s crypto investment platform Mudrex will offer spot Bitcoin ETFs to investors. The offerings will be for retail and institutional investors. Mudrex Founder and CEO Edul Patel says the products (spot ETFs) will be valuable to institutions. Mudrex will list spot ETFs from BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, and Franklin Templeton in the first phase. The company will be the first in India to offer the service. 

The increased uptake of spot Bitcoin ETFs drives the price of Bitcoin, which claimed a new record. This has bolstered Bitcoin Dogs as the first ICO from the legacy Bitcoin network.

About Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs is the first-ever presale on the Bitcoin blockchain. The virality of Bitcoin Dogs has been linked to the project’s association with Bitcoin.

But unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Dogs introduces new use cases such as gaming, NFTs and the metaverse. With 10,000 unique and collectible tokens, Bitcoin Dogs will be the biggest Bitcoin ordinals NFT collection. The NFT feature has boosted Bitcoin Dogs, with the sector expected to make a comeback after a turbulent season.

Similarly, Bitcoin Dogs owners will have immersive experiences through the metaverse-themed Dogaverse. They get a chance to be involved in exciting game plays, dog training, and contests. Users can also trade their dogs on a decentralised market. This opens up new opportunities for investors in the ever-evolving world of Web 3.0.

Bitcoin Dogs presale frenzy rises a few days to climax

Bitcoin Dogs presale has been short and precise, happening in just one month. This has seen investors buy the tokens in numbers, helping the project raise more than $10 million. With the March 15 deadline fast approaching, more purchases are happening, coinciding with BTC’s bull market.

In this short period of presale, Bitcoin Dogs has set aside 90% of 900 million tokens up for grabs. To make it a worthwhile purchase for early birds, the token’s price rises at each stage. This allows early presale buyers to benefit from purchasing lowly priced tokens and increase value over time. 

Once the presale ends, the token will be listed in Q1 2024. Advanced features, such as the NFT debut, the game beta, and partnerships, will follow in Q2. The clear roadmap, high speculation, and use cases cements Bitcoin Dogs’ potential and attracts investors.

To purchase Bitcoin Dogs while on presale, investors can visit the official website page.

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