Worldcoin App hits 10 million users in less than 12 months

Worldcoin App hits 10 million users in less than 12 months

World App, the first native Worldcoin (WLD) wallet, has reached the milestone of 10 million users in less than 12 months from its launch. As the first wallet compatible with World ID, the World App significantly contributes to providing accessible, self-custodial wallet services worldwide.

The team launched the World App in May 2023, quickly gaining momentum with 4 million downloads by November. Now, the app serves users across more than 160 countries, with 2 million engaging daily and facilitating over 70 million transactions.

The growth has firmly positioned the app among the top self-custodial wallets globally, showcasing its capacity with an average of 7.1 transactions per second.

Tiago Sada, Head of Product at TFH, shared excitement about the milestone, focusing on its tangible impact. He said:


“Reaching this milestone demonstrates the potential of making the fundamental technologies of Ethereum accessible and user-friendly. The World App represents our dedication to simplicity and functionality in the crypto domain.”

The World App aims to simplify crypto interactions by focusing on the essential functions of Worldcoin and Ethereum. It enables users to authenticate their identity with World ID, execute global transactions without fees, engage in crypto token swaps, and access Worldcoin Grants in many areas.

The app accommodates a broad user base, supports most mobile devices, provides gasless transactions, and offers 24/7 support in over 10 languages.

Remco Bloemen, head of blockchain at the Worldcoin Foundation, praised World App’s success as an entry point for further adoption and innovation within the Worldcoin ecosystem. He added that he looks forward to the development of more wallets to suit varying user preferences, reflecting the Worldcoin community’s goal for greater decentralization and accessibility.

A notable instance of the app’s impact comes from Kenya, where a World App user purchased a goat using Worldcoin. The story garnered attention and support from the crypto community, leading to donations that allowed the user to acquire additional livestock.

Sada said:

“Such stories vividly illustrate the life-changing potential of cryptocurrency. Our vision is to enable similar empowering experiences on a global scale.”

With the World App now serving over 10 million users, TFH continues to illustrate the broad possibilities of crypto in enhancing global economic engagement.

The development comes amid a backdrop of regulatory concerns regarding Worldcoin’s biometric data collection practices in several countries, including Kenya.

Worldcoin recently made a lot of its code open-source in an effort to be more transparent about its data collection. The project has also undergone a security audit and received praised from industry magnates.

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