Whales Accumulate $50 Million in $LINK as Price Climbs Higher; $GFOX Presale 98% Sold Out

Whales Accumulate $50 Million in $LINK as Price Climbs Higher; $GFOX Presale 98% Sold Out

$LINK’s bullish trend continues, and large-scale investors are responding accordingly. News/events related to the cryptocurrency suggest the sentiment is bullish, and market participants are optimistic about its outlook. $LINK is up by about 40% in the last 30 days, making it another profitable crypto coin like the fast-growing $GFOX. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is nearing its retail launch, and market participants expect a major price boost at this stage. This makes now a profitable time to purchase the presale token. However, investors eyeing this profit must act fast, as $GFOX is 98% sold out. 

Missed the Early $GFOX Train? You Can Still Get In 

All hope isn’t lost if you miss the first six $GFOX presale stages. The other stages are still profitable entry points, but early participants gain the most. Regardless, Galaxy Fox presale is an excellent opportunity to buy the next token to blow up for cheap, for a potentially high ROI. 

The presale is rounding up the seventh stage, with over 98% sold out. While there are three other stages left, missing this stage means you’ll buy at a higher price in the next stage. 


Meme ICOs have been a safer commitment option over the years, provided you find the right project. Galaxy Fox has all the features of the right projects, as it boasts high profitability and safety. The crypto project passed necessary security tests, and unlike most meme projects, it has tangible utility. 

Galaxy Fox has a stake in the GameFi sector with its P2E runner game. This implies that the GameFi sector’s growth can drive positive price action for $GFOX. This is in addition to its meme utility. The Galaxy Fox ecosystem provides passive earning opportunities for members via P2E gaming, token staking, and holding digital item collections. 

$GFOX functionality in every top sector, particularly the web3 space, makes it susceptible to high adoption. It will increase its prominence and position it as a leading crypto coin. This is why getting a stake in its presale is essential to avoid missing out on potential huge returns. $GFOX is billed to blow up when it gets on top exchanges. Be sure to get in before then. The more the delay, the lesser the potential return. 

Buy Galaxy Fox Presale

Whales Stack $LINK Following Impressive 30-Day Return 

LookonChain analysis reveals that crypto whales have stacked up about $50 million worth of Chainlink ($LINK) in the past few days. The source revealed that a large-scale investor or institution withdrew about $49.9M worth of $LINK from Binance, using 49 new wallets. This came after $LINK set a 22-month high of $19.68. While the wallet’s owner remains unverified, LookChain reveals the wallets hold around $230,000 – $3.5 million worth of LINK each. 

Pundits believe the increasing tokenization of real-world assets is one of the major driving forces behind LINK’s bullish rally. Major platform upgrades and integration of new features like Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol also played little role in $LINK’s price improvement. The altcoin is looking good by all accounts. It recently crossed the $11 billion market capitalization value. 

While it could not maintain the valuation, it’s still much nearer, at $10.9+ billion. This reflects $LINK’s price improvement in the last month. 

Per Coingecko data, $LINK is up by 0.48% to $18.53, after a decline to $18.43 from $19.24 in 24 hours. The outlook looks great for the cryptocurrency, and it’s expected to set a new all-time high before the year ends. 

As the bullish momentum continues, analysts expect the altcoin to push towards $30 in the coming weeks. $LINK could finish the year with a peak price of $70, making it one of the top crypto coins to watch out for. 


Crypto whales are piling into $LINK’s bullish trend, and smart investors are taking advantage of the opportunity in the pre-bull market run-up. The cryptocurrency is performing extremely well, with about  40% increase in the last month. 

$LINK hopes to break into the $20+ price zone soon, and a more impressive surge could follow. Galaxy Fox is another altcoin showing exceptional strength. The meme coin has sold 98% of its presale, as enthusiasts anticipate its predicted profit-yielding retail phase rally. Potential investors could make up to 100x profits if they join the presale now. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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