Web3 Platform Galaxis Tips NFTs To Create Sustainable Communities

Web3 Platform Galaxis Tips NFTs To Create Sustainable Communities

What is Galaxis?

Galaxis is a no-code web3 platform that lets creators build, engage and grow decentralized communities through the use of dynamic NFTs.

These dynamic NFTs come in the form of customizable membership cards. These assets can provide community members with exclusive perks, from unique experiences and IP rights to both physical and digital rewards.

In this way, Galaxis looks to transcend above the hype by creating a platform of real value, building a sustainable economy for both creators and their communities.

Big Names, Big Communities

Galaxis has been built from the ground-up to support artists, creators, and even brands – with the platform offering the ability to create dynamic NFTs that can provide discounts on services or product, access to exclusive content, or even opportunities to meet top creators.


Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki and Val Kilmer are just some of the big names to have launched NFTs on Galaxis so far – and they’re not the only ones.

The NBA have also launched on Galaxis, with their Association collection consisting of dynamic NFTs that evolved based on how many fantasy league points a player received in the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

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Chainlink Partnership, ENS and Arbitrum Integration

As part of their long-standing collaboration with Chainlink, Galaxis employs Chainlink data oracles to verify real-world off-chain data before adding it to the blockchain.

This was used for the launch of NBA star LaMelo Ball’s NFT collection. Holders of his NFTs can place predictions on games, and if they guess correctly, their NFT will evolve and reward the holder with prizes – with some having won game tickets.

Galaxis recently announced an integration with Arbitrum and Polygon, leveraging the Chainlink CCIP bridge for fast, inexpensive transactions and seamless cross-chain operations, enabling the use of Galaxis’ Launch Keys to power community creation on Arbitrum.

Ethereum Name Service founder Nick Johnson is an early investor of Galaxis, and together they released the sold-out ENS Equinox Collection.

Galaxis Engines and $GLX Tokens

To drive growth, Galaxis recently sold over 10,000 Galaxis Engines – dynamic NFTs that reward holders with native $GLX tokens and staking rewards. Galaxis Engines also distribute Launch Keys, which allow creators on Galaxis to utilize the platform’s features.

These Engines can also be upgraded with various traits and functionalities to enhance and expand the user experiece. Galaxis aims to launch its native $GLX token in Q2 2024.

The Future of Community Interaction and Engagement

With backing from Chainlink, Polygon, ENS and Arbitrum, Galaxis is primed and ready to set the NFT industry alight, with their dynamic NFTs allowing artists, creators and brands alike to deliver bespoke, value-driven experiences to their communities.

Anyone with a community can create their own membership cards – and with over 50 communities powered by Galaxis so far, totalling over 225,000 NFTs and 32,000 ETH in trading volume – they’re just getting started.

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