This Upgrade Promises to Make Solana the Real Ethereum Killer

Ethereum vs Solana: Latest Upgrades Heat Up Supremacy Battle

Solana, with its latest upgrade designed to enhance transaction processing capabilities, along with the buzz around potential groundbreaking consumer apps, is poised to challenge Ethereum’s supremacy.

This development has sparked considerable interest among blockchain enthusiasts. It signifies a potentially transformative phase for Solana, often called the “Ethereum killer.”

Will Solana Flip Ethereum?

According to Solana’s 2023 developer report, the platform boasts between 2,500 and 3,000 monthly active developers. It retained over 50% of its developers from the previous year. This statistic is crucial, reflecting the platform’s growing appeal and its competitiveness with Ethereum.

Moreover, the increase in developer activity on Solana is attributed to enhanced onboarding processes and the proliferation of development opportunities. Austin Federa, the Solana Foundation’s head of strategy, highlighted the platform’s unique proposition to developers.


Many are transitioning from Ethereum, attracted by lower development costs and the diversity of programming languages supported by Solana. This includes Rust, C, and Python, with the addition of Move language on the horizon.

“We’re seeing a huge number of projects on Ethereum that want to move over to Solana. That’s not something we were seeing a year and a half ago,” Federa said.

Consequently, the fragmentation in Ethereum’s rollup ecosystem, which complicates the development arena, contrasts with Solana’s unified chain approach. This simplicity may entice developers seeking a streamlined environment. Federa’s confidence that Solana will host many new consumer-facing applications underscores this advantage.

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The speculation about Solana releasing a highly successful app in sectors like SocialFi, DePIN, or gaming highlights its potential. Such an event could significantly increase Solana’s user base and investment influx. Nonetheless, Solana has faced reliability challenges, including network outages affecting its reputation.

Firedancer, a new validator client, aims to address these stability issues. With a capability of processing 0.6 million transactions per second in tests, Firedancer could markedly improve Solana’s infrastructure.

Ethereum vs Solana Market Capitalization. Source: TradingView

However, the current market capitalization figures indicate a substantial gap between Ethereum and Solana. With its vast ecosystem and significant market capitalization of $417 billion, Ethereum dwarfs Solana’s $57 billion.

This disparity underscores Solana’s challenges in becoming the Ethereum killer. Technological advancements and shifting developer preferences can alter the competitive dynamics despite these challenges.


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