Sport Infinity Coin (ISPORT) Wants to Build Wealth for Early Investors

Sport Infinity Coin (ISPORT) Wants to Build Wealth for its Early Presale Investors

The fantasy sports industry is currently valued at about $21 billion, with the potential to grow over 4x in the next decade.

This growth potential has led to the entry of several platforms, including the Sport Infinity Project. However, many sports enthusiasts believe that Sport Infinity could become the next big thing in blockchain gaming, triggering at least 100x returns for isport token investors.

What is Sport Infinity ?

The fantasy sports league industry is incredibly popular, and the fact that Sport Infinity is targeting rapidly growing sectors gives it a wealth of potential moving forward.

Sport Infinity is a revolutionary esports gaming platform based in the metaverse that offers exciting play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics with NFT integration. 


Sport Infinity is going to be one of the most exciting metaverse projects to launch in 2022. The platform has unique P2E mechanisms and fantasy sports features. It allows players to build a strategic fantasy sports league 

Teams battle against each other and earn prizes

The Sport Infinity ecosystem is made up of five distinct parts, making it one of the best metaverse platforms out there. These include:

Isport Space – This is Sport Infinity’s flagship feature – It’s a fantasy sports metaverse world where you can make your own team and battle with others. You can play multiple esports games like football, baseball, and horse racing and earn money fast & securely using blockchain technology. Isport betting –  which is a  decentralized betting platform, that allows users to play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive winnings via blockchain. This platform includes sports betting, play-to-earn betting, a prediction marketplace, P2P betting on exchange rates, and NFT art collecting.Isport Market –which is an NFT marketplace for Tokenized Digital Goods, artists, creators, and gamers based on binance smart chain, a fundamental component since all of the platform’s in-game assets are structured as NFTs.Isport swap –  which is a decentralized exchange that works like a bank entity on our platform. you can buy & sell and exchange any token with our native token with a single click.Isport Stake – This is a crypto-staking platform where users can stake their holdings by depositing and locking them for a period of time and generating a yield on their ISPORT holdings. Stakers will also receive extra benefits for other activities they perform on our platform.

How to buy Sport Infinity – Quick guide

Take part in the Sport infinity presale today and secure some of the limited ISPORT tokens available before they sell out. 

Sport Infinity has also made some big announcements with regard to the ISPORT Token listing on big exchanges like Pancakeswap,, and Hotbit, before the end of the year with an initial listing price of 0.00035 USDT per ISPORT Token.

Let’s get into a simple process of how to buy Isport to take advantage of everything this game and its native token offer.

Set up metamask Wallet – It’s necessary to have a secure wallet that can connect to Binance Smart Chain to buy and store Isport coins. Buy BNB – To buy Binance coin, users should create an account on Binance, then choose the preferred payment method, search for BNB and then enter the amount of fiat currency to spend.Connect metamask Wallet to Presale Dashboard-Visit Sport Infinity’s website. In the right corner is an icon for ‘Connect metamask’. Click on it, and once done, you are ready to buy isport.Buy Sport Infinity (ISPORT) – After connecting a wallet, the navigation opens a window enabling users to buy ISPORT directly. All that’s required is to enter the amount of BNB to buy.Buy ISPORT token Manually – simply send BNB to our presale smart contract, and tokens will be transferred to your wallet instantly, check our Guide for more info here. Enter the ISPORT Contract Address – Here is the ISPORT contract address: 0xa220e3e27fbec286b11210e64aa3941b0adade99. It needs to be pasted into a trust wallet & metamask so that it can find ISPORT.

What makes Battle Infinity a superior project?

According to a recent McKinsey & Co. study estimate, the metaverse might be worth $5 trillion by 2030 as the globe rapidly moves toward adopting digital solutions for many day-to-day tasks.

Gaming metaverse companies alone are anticipated to be worth approximately $125 billion, including blockchain-based initiatives such as Sport Infinity, Axie Infinity, and others.

Sport Infinity metaverse

The biggest benefit that Sport Infinity offers is its metaverse integration with the isport space platform which transports gamers to a metaverse world, bringing massive excitement and potential to the gameplay and future of esports

Currently, the metaverse is among the most exciting technological concepts of our time. It is believed to be the future of entertainment.

In the case of Sport Infinity, players will be able to earn money by participating in various activities organized by the development team once the games are released, and they will be able to collect and sell items via the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace and be rewarded in ISPORT.

The presale is on and can be caught here.

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