Solana-Based Meme Coins Myro And WIF Score Binance Listing Amid Market Push

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Solana-based meme coins are shaping up to be the winners of this cycle as they gain widespread acceptance from crypto investors. Two major meme coins from this demographic have also hit another major milestone, with listings on the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance.

Myro And WIF Get Binance Listing

On Tuesday, Binance announced that it will be adding two new meme coin trading pairs to its Futures platform. These two meme coins include PEPE and MYRO, both of which have gotten a lot of attention in the last day. PEPE already has a PEPE/USDT pair on the platform, so Binance is now adding a PEPE/USDC pair.

As for Myro, this marks its big debut on the exchange with the launch of the MYRO/USDT Perpetual Contract. However, this listing only applies to the futures trading platform as it is not yet available to purchase Myro on the spot on Binance.

The PEPE/USDC Perpetual Contract is scheduled to begin trading on Thursday, March 7, at 08:30 UTC, while the MYRO pair has already begun trading on Tuesday at 08:30 and has seen a warm reception from the market so far.


Volumes on the MYROUSDT Perpetual Contract have already risen to almost $40 million within three hours of trading at the time of this writing. Likewise, daily trading volume of MYRO has ballooned as well with a 185% jump in the last 24 hours to reach $329.8 million.

Binance also announced on Tuesday that it will be listing WIF for spot trading with the Seed Tag applied. This comes just days after trading platform Robinhood announced that it is listing WIF for trading, which initially sent its market cap above $1 billion.

Solana-Based Meme Coins Take Crypto By Storm

Over the last year, Solana-based meme coins have been giving their Ethereum counterparts a run for their money. So far, two Solana-based meme coins, BONK, and WIF, have crossed $1 billion in market cap, and Myro looks set to join their ranks.

Myro had seen an initial 50% run-up following the Binance announcement before a drawdown. However, in the hours following the listing for trading, the meme coin has put on a show for investors with an almost 100% rally in the last 24 hours. It is trading above $0.35 with a market cap of $354 million.

WIF has also seen positive upside from the Binance listing as well with its price jumping 10% in the last 24 hours. It is sitting at $1.89 with a market cap of $1.9 billion. As for BONK, it is also riding the meme coins wave with a 15% increase in the last day and a $3.55 billion market cap.

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