Shiba Memu’s investment gold rush as the countdown to presale…

Shiba Memu price prediction as presale rakes in over $215k

Shiba Memu presale is nearing its conclusion, with 13 days left.

The price of Shiba Memu has increased consistently each day on presale.

The value of Shiba Memu could be unlocked from post-listing liquidity in Q3 2023.

With millions raised in presale, investors hold high hopes for a new token sensation, Shiba Memu. The meme token has enjoyed a stellar presale, with daily price increases the icing on the cake. Now, FOMO could be gripping investors, as increased buying takes the presale to almost $4 million raised. The presale is on a 13-day countdown to close, after which the token could rise massively on the listing.


About Shiba Memu presale

Shiba Memu (SHMU) opened its presale in July, initially set to be an 8-week process. However, high demand and investor requests prompted the team to extend the presale by another 60 days. The extended presale concludes on October 31st, paving the way for the next step, listing.

Since launching the presale, Shiba Memu has generated value for its early backers. From an initial price of $0.011125, the token is now valued at $0.034750. The gains have been made possible by the project tokenomics. The tokenomics allow the Shiba Memu price to increase automatically daily at 6 PM GMT. The price is expected to rise further within the 13-day window to the end of the presale. 

Once the presale ends, Shiba Memu will be listed on major centralised exchanges. The team has earmarked the last quarter of 2023 as the time for listing. Debuting on the best exchanges is expected to unlock utility and facilitate the price discovery for Shiba Memu.

Why has Shiba Memu attracted such a high demand?

The speculative value of Shiba Memu is huge, considering the amounts raised in presale. This is one of the critical ingredients of meme cryptocurrencies, as their value is driven mainly by hype. However, Shiba Memu’s ability to convince investors of its market potential has got many talking.

Boosting cutting-edge AI technology, Shiba Memu aspires to be a leader in the meme sector. The project uses AI to self-promote on social forums and dominate online chatter. Shiba Memu can write its own social copy and marketing materials using AI. It then self-publishes the content across social media platforms to gain traction.

The AI and marketing prowess make Shiba Memu an ingenious and highly sustainable project. It doesn’t depend on temporary social media hypes to dominate. With this capability, Shiba Memu has been hailed as one of the most innovative meme projects. Investors also earn yields from staking, which lets them commit some tokens to the project’s growth.

Shiba Memu also taps into the power of a dedicated community to achieve success. The project team has allocated 85% of its 1,000,000 tokens in supply for the presale. Once the project is launched, Shiba Memu will engage its community through an AI dashboard. Users can channel their market insights into conversations through the dashboard. They can query the AI and get up-to-date answers on marketing strategies and advertising trends.

Is Shiba Memu worth buying in the presale?

Meme cryptocurrencies always generate FOMO due to the ability to return massively after listing. Reflecting on some of the top meme coins like PEPE, gains have exceeded 10,000%. Others, like meme leader Dogecoin, have hit a market cap that justifiably puts them on the top ten list. 

Shiba Memu carries the same potential owing to the early demand and investor enthusiasm. Investors could see a potential 10x gain or higher if the token replicates the returns of its meme peers.

Shiba Memu is only on a presale, and post-listing gains could be a little distant. The presale has 13 more days to run, with gains made each day. Investing in the presale is advantageous in maximising organic profits. Presale backers will also carry a better chance of riding an uptrend once the token is listed. 

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