SEC chair hints at FTX comeback, while Memeinator presales enter stage 6

SEC chair hints at FTX comeback, while Memeinator presales enter stage 6

SEC has suggested FTX revival if it follows the rules.

Memeinator has caught the attention of investors with its meme promise.

Memeinator will deliver a 132% ROI in its presale.

The controversial FTX exchange, which collapsed in late 2022, could be on its way to resurgence. SEC Chair Gary Gensler hinted at a possible reboot amid ongoing legal tussles. Of essence is the optimism the revival brings to a battered crypto sector. This allows quality projects like the upcoming meme project Memeinator to thrive. But how does FTX’s latest cryptocurrency news impact the investment landscape?


FTX reboot and what it means to the sector

Gensler’s comments come when several investors declare interest in buying FTX. In an interview during the DC Fintech Week, Gensler responded in regard to FTX. “If Tom or anybody else wanted to be in this field, I would say, ‘Do it within the law.”

The views of the SEC chair suggest a soft stance towards digital assets and cryptocurrency exchanges. The crypto firms have recently been in a running battle with the regulator since the FTX exchange. Coinbase and Binance are some of the firms that are currently battling it out with the SEC.

Gensler says the sector is littered with fraudsters, calling for more work to protect investors. The SEC chair has indicated that as long as FTX follows the law, there is no barrier to its rebirth. Former NYSE president Tom Farley is among the investors to express interest in buying FTX.

Gensler’s view reflects ongoing sector reforms calling for regulation and market control over cryptocurrencies. The inevitable market grip could clear the sector of uncertainty and give room for quality projects to thrive. Undoubtedly, Memeinator capitalises on this shift to position itself for domination in a new crypto era.

Memeinator: The ultimate meme crypto terminator

Think of catastrophic meme crypto failures, like the once famous squid game crypto. These rug pulls vanished with millions of dollars of investors’ money. But that is coming to an end, thanks to a new crypto sensation, Memeinator.

Forged from a futuristic society of 2077, Memeinator understands that not every meme deserves attention. Memeinator features cutting-edge AI technology that enables it to clean the meme sector. As such, Memeinator applies a ruthless meme-targeting system that identifies and crushes scamming memes. Non-original, weak, pathetic, and ugly memes will fall under Memeinator’s axe. 

Memeinator also has a goal to dominate and become the most popular meme cryptocurrency. The goal is to reach a $1 billion market cap, utilising powerful marketing assisted by AI. The team will invest in powerful branding and marketing to ensure everyone is talking about Memeinator. That includes tapping into influencer power to gain traction for the project. This way, the project will attain a huge market cap, generating high returns to investors.

Also, the team has lined up an exciting product portfolio to enable Memeinator to attain a high market value. These include a game, community NFTs, and a staking feature in favour of regular token yields for investors. The limitless opportunities endear Memeinator as an exciting meme project challenging for a top meme spot.

Is Memeinator’s presale attractive?

The worthy role that Memeinator plays in the meme sector is what could have attracted investors. In a few weeks since launching a presale, investors have bought over $1.2 million of the tokens. The presale is currently in Stage 6. At the end of the 29-stage presale, Memeinator will be set for listing on tier 1 exchanges. This makes the presale attractive to investors seeking to capitalise on early post-listing gains.

The ROI is also attractive for Memeinator presale buyers. The token joined Stage 1 at $0.01 and rose to $0.0133 in Stage 6. The presale ends at $0.0485, representing a 132% ROI for early investors. The exciting aspect is that the gains are made at each stage, making it attractive for investing early.

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