Pro-Crypto SEC Commissioners Challenge Agency’s ‘Come In And Register’ Plea For Firms


In a bold and unconventional move, SEC Commissioners Hester Peirce and Mark Uyeda have taken a satirical approach to dissent in the recent ShapeShift settlement, shedding light on the regulatory challenges crypto firms face. 

Mocking the SEC’s “come in and register” call, the commissioners engaged in a hypothetical dialogue, unveiling the ambiguity and lack of clarity surrounding the regulatory landscape in the crypto space.

SEC Commissioners Mock Regulatory Uncertainty In Crypto Space

The ShapeShift case, which resulted in the Swiss company (previously based in Colorado) being charged with acting as an unregistered dealer, has ignited a heated debate over the SEC’s regulatory approach to the cryptocurrency industry. 

ShapeShift agreed to pay a $275,000 penalty as part of the settlement. The SEC’s order revealed that ShapeShift operated, an online platform that facilitated the buying and selling digital assets from 2014 until early 2021. Serving as a counterparty to every transaction, the company positioned itself as a crypto “vending machine.” 


However, the SEC’s charges brought to the forefront the issue of whether certain crypto assets should be classified as securities, subject to strict regulatory oversight.

Commissioners Peirce and Uyeda’s satirical dialogue, as reported by Fox Journalist Eleanor Terret, exposes the regulatory uncertainty companies like ShapeShift face. 

SEC Commissioners Peirce and Uyeda’s hypothetical dialogue. Source: Eleanor Terret on X

The dialogue showcases a fictional conversation between “Future ShapeShift” and the SEC, where Future ShapeShift seeks clarity on which assets should be registered as “securities.” The commissioners’ responses highlight the lack of definitive criteria and companies’ challenges in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Regulatory Limbo

This dissent serves as a poignant critique of the SEC’s “come in and register” campaign, which, according to the commissioners, fails to provide clear guidance for companies operating in the crypto space. 

The satirical dialogue underscores the potential chilling effect on innovation, as entrepreneurs may hesitate to create groundbreaking solutions due to the fear of future enforcement actions.

As the industry expands, regulators must balance fostering innovation and ensuring investor protection. 

The ShapeShift case and the commissioners’ dissent illustrate the urgent need for regulatory clarity and comprehensive guidance in the digital asset ecosystem. Without a transparent framework, the potential risks and consequences for companies and investors remain ambiguous.

The daily chart shows the total crypto market cap’s uptrend. Source: TOTAL on

Despite the regulatory uncertainties surrounding the industry, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has experienced a remarkable surge, reaching a staggering $2.44 trillion. In the past 24 hours alone, the market capitalization has grown by 5%. The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), achieved a new all-time high of $69,300 on Tuesday.

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