Polygon and StarkWare unveil Circle STARKs to streamline Zk Proofs

Polygon and StarkWare unveil Circle STARKs to streamline Zk Proofs

Polygon Labs and StarkWare collaborate on Circle STARKs for ZK rollups.
Circle STARKs promise faster, cheaper transactions for layer-2 networks.
The joint effort signifies a commitment to innovation in the Ethereum scaling landscape.

Polygon Labs and StarkWare, typically fierce competitors in the Ethereum scaling race, have set aside their rivalry to unveil a new frontier in cryptographic proofs named “Circle STARKs.”

StarkWare, known for its involvement in the controversial Starknet blockchain, has been a prominent developer in the layer-2 space. On the other hand, Polygon, with its widely-used MATIC tokens, is a key player in Ethereum’s scaling efforts.

This unexpected collaboration underscores the industry’s commitment to overcoming scalability challenges and driving technological advancements.


Accelerating Zk rollups proving process

The Circle STARKs promise to streamline the proving process for zero-knowledge (Zk) rollups, leading to faster and more cost-effective transactions compared to current technologies.

Circle STARKs signify a leap forward in Zk technology, specifically tailored for layer-2 networks. It aims to enhance the efficiency of blockchain transactions by significantly speeding up the proving process for rollups. The cryptographic proofs, a brainchild of StarkWare co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson, are set to outpace existing STARK proofs, promising a seven-to-10 times improvement.

The upcoming Plonky3 proving system from Polygon is also slated to integrate Circle STARKs, ensuring lower transaction fees for users and expanding the scope of applications that can be proven.

The co-founders of the two crypto firms emphasize that while Circle STARKs represent a pivotal advancement, the journey doesn’t end here. They anticipate continuous breakthroughs and improvements, reflecting the dynamic nature of blockchain technology.

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