Is Shiba Memu the next meme leader as the sector remains subdued?

Shiba Memu close to $4M presale as FOMO kicks in

Shiba Memu uses AI to self-market itself and become a sustainable meme.

Leading memes have posted unsustainable gains in the past.

Shiba Memu could become a market leader due to AI use.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the leading meme tokens, are enjoying gains on improved crypto sentiment. However, both cryptocurrencies remain a shell of their former self. Shiba Inu’s price of $0.00000866 is just a tip of its record $0.00009. Dogecoin has failed to live up to its big hype despite holding its 9th position as the most valued crypto. Does this signal the market is yearning for a new meme project? Perhaps it could be time for Shiba Memu (SHMU) to show what it can offer apart from its beaten-down peers. 


What is Shiba Memu’s value proposition?

Investors have not yet thrown the towel on meme investments. The meme sector has grown to over $20 billion in market value from a value of $0 in 2020. However, it has been clear that the market has been yearning for a sustainable meme project. 

Shiba Memu is coined from the depths of AI for sustainability. Using AI solves a fundamental meme problem: the lack of sustainability. For memes such as Dogecoin and Shiba Memu, growth has been enabled by word of mouth and mentions. 

Shiba Memu changes the story of meme tokens by utilising AI to self-market itself, learn, and improve. Using AI features such as sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu can detect adverse publicity and work to correct it. The project also learns from successful marketing interventions 24/7. With AI, Shiba Memu can sustain FOMO and token gains, delivering high ROI to investors.

What is Shiba Memu’s opportunity?

An opportunity exists for Shiba Memu to overcome sector woes and deliver a profitable investment. A high speculative value for the token is likely, considering the overwhelming presale. As the meme sector grows and AI strengthens, Shiba Memu could occupy a formidable position in the sector. 

Investors will also look at Shiba Memu with optimism, given its pacesetters such as PEPE. Earlier this year, PEPE debuted with a thud, generating over 10,000% returns. Owing to this experience, investors may seek similar returns from Shiba Memu. The sentiment is likely to increase speculations and help the price of Shiba Memu to skyrocket.

The social engagement features of Shiba Memu are an advantage to the future token demand. The project has an AI dashboard, a platform where users can query the AI and give suggestions. This is a unique way to enable Shiba Memu to build an engaged community and increase credibility. 

About Shiba Memu presale

Shiba Memu opened its presale a couple of weeks ago, witnessing a high demand. The team extended the presale to allow more investors to get on board. The presale closes in 43 days, upon which the token will be listed on the best exchanges. 

The team has been intentional about Shiba Memu token prices in presale to give early backers an advantage. The price increases daily at 6 PM GMT. From the starting price of $0.011125, SHMU is now valued at $0.041275, nearly four times its initial value. So far, investors have bought over $4.52 million worth of SHMU, enjoying great value from the persistent gains.

The final verdict on Shiba Memu

While it could be too early to speculate if Shiba Memu will dethrone its elder rivals, signs are positive. A robust presale demand underlines Shiba Memu as a quality project.

The future potential is huge, and Shiba Memu may gain a huge market cap to justify its novel role. From here, Shiba Memu may fight for a top spot as AI use makes the project self-inventive. 

To occupy a top position, Shiba Memu must also rise strongly and replicate the gains of its predecessors. A 10x increase is a possibility, but intensified use is needed to extend the gains to 50x or more. The prediction is speculative and attainable, and time will tell if Shiba Memu lives to the expectation.

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