$INJ Unlocked $139M in Tokens Amidst Market Crash; Presale Buyers Eye $GFOX as Market Tumbles

$INJ Unlocked $139M in Tokens Amidst Market Crash; Presale Buyers Eye $GFOX as Market Tumbles

Altcoins are showing great signs of life. Now that Bitcoin’s ($BTC) moment in the spotlight has ended and the Ethereum ($ETH) rally is taking shape (despite the current market retracement), it is only a matter of time before altcoins start to make those famous daily double-digit gains. But not all altcoins are created equal, and when searching for the best cryptocurrency to buy now investors have to pay attention to tokenomics and token unlocks.There is a minefield of hidden sell pressure heading into 2024, with more and more major unlocks for leading tokens. Injective ($INJ) unlocked $139 million in tokens of January 21st, which could hamper chances of a strong recovery once the carnage has passed for the broader market. Presale investors are eyeing the Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) presale, betting on deflationary tokenomics this year.

Injective ($INJ) Last Round Of Token Unlocks: $139 Million Of Sell Pressure?

Injective has been among the strongest performers in the final quarters of 2023 and the early parts of this year. However, despite being a top crypto to buy, token unlocks have made investors jittery with a cliff unlock occurring on the 21st of January. A total of 4.33% of the circulating supply was unlocked, with the bulk going to the team and a portion going to advisors – two of the most likely groups to sell the token. $139 million of sell pressure will be making its way to the Injective order books over the coming weeks, and retail will be the ones charged with absorbing it. That’s a tall order, given the devastation of the market over the past week from Grascale and FTX dumping their $BTC. Unlocks are always a tough time for price action. The team deserves to enrich themselves after building this top-of-the-line blockchain. Built using the Cosmos SDK, Injective has been custom-built for financial applications, including basic primitives such as an on-chain order book and MEV resistance. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that retail bidders will be the ones buying the team’s bags and eating the loss. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Presale Crosses $2.9 Million

Galaxy Fox has been attracting increased attention and capital over recent weeks as investors begin to understand the upside of holding deflationary assets in the bull market. Funding recently crossed $2.8 million, and nothing will stop this new hybrid token from smashing the $5 million milestone in the coming weeks. Could it be the best cryptocurrency to buy now in a sea of token unlocks? The token burn, and fair launch mechanism leveraged by Galaxy Fox have driven most of this engagement as investors wake up to the reality of looming unlocks for almost all of the top ten cryptocurrencies and major altcoins. At the TGE, the majority of $GFOX tokens will be live, and presale participants will own 70%. This distributed ownership ensures no large wallets dumping.Another leading feature in this ecosystem is staking rewards. Galaxy Fox has implemented a unique taxation system that funds staking payouts, allowing all $GFOX holders to earn yield on a deflationary asset. Early stakers can enjoy passive income while relaxing. The burn ensures a constantly decreasing supply, and this powerful combo is something to watch headed into the bull market. Deflationary tokens could easily become the breakout stars this year. As demand for tokens increases during the bull market, especially tokens with passive income like $GFOX, and the total supply decreases, it will naturally cause a price spike. More capital chasing fewer tokens is excellent for early holders. 


Closing Thoughts: Experts Overweight Deflationary Tokens In Bull Market

Experts always dive into tokenomics, which is, unfortunately, not something many crypto investors take the time to do. Tokenomics play a massive role in figuring out the best cryptocurrency to buy now, and investors who ignore them put themselves at a disadvantage. Solid deflationary tokenomics models are already starting to attract a premium, as seen with the recent rise in interest for $GFOX ownership. Get an allocation while it is still undervalued by participating in the presale today! 

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