Here’re the Top 5 Altcoins Offering the Highest Staking Rewards

These Are the Top 5 Altcoins With the Highest Staking Reward

Investors continually seek lucrative opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, especially within altcoins. Data from The TIE, a prominent digital asset information service provider, highlights five altcoins offering the highest staking rewards.

This is a critical factor for those investors looking to maximize their investments by earning passive income on the altcoins they hold.

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Leading the pack is Energi (NRG), boasting a striking reward rate of 55.82%. Due to a staking market capitalization of $2.67 million and 24.9 million tokens staked, Energi presents an enticing opportunity. Moreover, its network is upheld by 516 active validators, ensuring robust security and operational efficiency. Although Energi has an inflation rate of 9.88%, its high reward rate remains a strong attraction for investors.

Following closely is Evmos (EVMOS), with a reward rate of 34.13%. This altcoin demonstrates a significant staking market cap of $25.82 million, with 235.6 million tokens staked. Evmos operates with 145 active validators, a testament to its network’s stability. However, investors should note its high inflation rate of 24.19%, which could impact long-term rewards.


The third contender, Comdex (CMDX), offers a reward rate of 29.62%. It has a staking market cap of $8.66 million and 115.67 million tokens staked. Due to 84 active validators, Comdex maintains a reliable network, balancing its 20.74% inflation rate.

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In the fourth position, e-Money (NGM) presents a reward rate of 27.02%. Despite its lower staking market cap of $870,650 and 47.41 million tokens staked, e-Money operates efficiently with 65 active validators. Still, its inflation rate stands at 10.00%, positioning it as a viable option for those seeking diversity in their portfolio.

Finally, rounding out the top five is THORChain (RUNE), offering a reward rate of 22.79%. Its significant staking market cap of $516.08 million and 120.3 million tokens staked make it an attractive option. With 92 active validators and a modest inflation rate of 4.40%, THORChain maintains a balance between reward potential and stability.

List of Altcoins the Highest Staking Reward

AssetStaking MarketcapStaked TokensActive ValidatorsInflation RateReward RateEnergi (NRG)2.67M24.29M5169.88%55.82%Evmos (EVMOS)25.82M235.6M14624.19%34.13%Comdex (CMDX)8.66M115.67M8420.74%29.62%e-Money (NGM)870.65K47.41M6510.00%27.02%THORChain (RUNE)516.08M120.3M924.44%22.79%
Altcoins by Staking Reward. Source: The TIE

This analysis, grounded in the latest data from The TIE, offers a glimpse into the potential of altcoin staking. While high staking rewards appeal, this should be weighed against other factors. These include network stability, validator activity, and inflation rates to make well-rounded investment decisions.

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Previously, many projects have struggled to balance high staking rewards and inflation. For instance, token inflation was one of the biggest pain points of PancakeSwap (CAKE) holders.

“Please stop high rates of reward in staking. This type of APR is similar to Ponzi and scam projects, however, I know PancakeSwap is a very good dex and project. 60% of the reward is a joke, stop it,” community members noted.

For this reason, the PancakeSwap team revamped the tokenomics and cut the maximum supply by 40% in December 2023.


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