Gmail Enhances AI Email Drafting with Voice Input


The popular email service offered by Google, known as Gmail, is about to go through a substantial transition as a result of the incorporation of a new feature driven by artificial intelligence called “Help Me Write,” which now incorporates voice input capabilities. This improvement is not simply a step toward improving the ease of the user experience; it also symbolizes a revolution in the way that we engage with instruments of digital communication.

A program driven by artificial intelligence that was supposed to aid users in composing emails, “Help Me Write” was first introduced in the middle of the year 2023. The function enabled users to submit text chunks, which in turn enabled Google’s artificial intelligence to improve the overall quality of the email by refining the phrasing, extending or shortening the material, and so on. Google is getting very close to implementing voice input capability for this function, which is an interesting new development.

This most recent enhancement to Gmail has been made in accordance with Google’s larger goal to incorporate powerful artificial intelligence into its products. It is believed that the voice-driven email writing functionality, which is expected to be included in subsequent Workspace upgrades, would be available to users of Gmail who use the service via the web as well as mobile devices. This improvement is not only a technological boost; rather, it represents a rising trend of using speech recognition technology in order to provide users with an experience that is more natural and intuitive.

How does this brand-new function function? The symbol of a microphone will display whenever a user sends a new email or responds to an existing one. Simply tapping on this symbol will start a voice recording, which will enable users to dictate the content of their emails. Following the completion of the user’s speech and the selection of the ‘Create’ prompt, the artificial intelligence of Gmail will compose the email based on the voice instructions that were supplied. When compared to Google’s prior Smart Reply and Smart Compose services, which provided users with answer choices and writing recommendations as they wrote, this procedure marks a big leap forward.


It is a monument to the ever-evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence in daily applications that voice instructions have been included into the process of composing emails. The process of creating emails is made easier by this, especially for those who may find typing to be a laborious task or for circumstances in which typing is not technically possible. On the other hand, the official release date of this feature is still unknown at this time.

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