Energy Crisis Forces Bitcoin Miner to Close Canadian Unit

This Bitcoin Miner Shutters Canadian Facility Amid Energy Crisis

Hut 8, one of North America’s premier Bitcoin mining conglomerates, has announced the shuttering of its Drumheller facility in Alberta, Canada.

The move comes as the company embarks on a comprehensive restructuring and optimization drive, spearheaded by newly appointed CEO Asher Genoot, to fortify its financial performance and operational efficiency.

Hut 8 Closes Bitcoin Mine in Push for Optimization

The closure of the Drumheller site marks a significant shift in Hut 8’s operational footprint. Effective immediately, the facility will cease Bitcoin mining operations. Hut 8 will relocate the most efficient miners to the Medicine Hat site, also in Alberta.

This decision, informed by a thorough analysis highlighting the diminishing profitability due to soaring energy costs and voltage issues, is poised to streamline the company’s operations.


“Following a comprehensive analysis, we have determined that the profitability of Drumheller has been impacted significantly by various factors, including elevated energy costs and underlying voltage issues,” stated Genoot.

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The company retains the lease on the Drumheller site. It still holds open the option to re-energize operations should market conditions turn favorable.

Hut 8 expects this strategy to bolster its cash flow. It will also likely reduce the cost of mining Bitcoin and enhance mining efficiency by approximately 11%.

Hut 8 operations report January and February 2024. Source: Hut 8

By concentrating operations at the Medicine Hat site, Hut 8 aims to leverage superior infrastructure and economic conditions to optimize its mining activities.

This consolidation is a key component of the company’s broader strategy to navigate the challenges posed by the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which is anticipated to significantly reduce mining rewards.

Expanding in the US

Amidst these operational adjustments, Hut 8 has not lost sight of expansion opportunities. The company recently disclosed a $17.3 million investment to establish a new mining facility in Texas. This is a state that is growing due to its competitive energy and land costs.

This investment aligns with Hut 8’s strategic goal to position itself advantageously in anticipation of the Bitcoin halving.

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By slashing projected construction expenses from $29 million to $17.3 million, Hut 8 underscores its commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“Our in-house development team enables us to build quickly and cost-effectively,” Genoot explained.

As Hut 8 navigates these significant changes, its focus remains firmly on operational excellence and strategic growth.


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