“Crypto King” Tom Emmer Mounts Offensive Against SEC Chair Gary Gensler With Ouster Bill


US Congressman Tom Emmer, known for his digital asset expertise and pro-cryptocurrency stance and dubbed the “Crypto King” of Congress, has taken a bold step by introducing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Stabilization Act.

The legislation, co-led by Emmer, aims to remove SEC Chairman Gary Gensler from his position, citing concerns over his regulatory actions in the digital asset sector.

Emmer Alleges Gensler Targets Crypto Industry Unfairly

Since assuming the role in 2021 during President Biden’s administration, Chairman Gensler has faced persistent criticism from Congressman Tom Emmer regarding the SEC’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation. 

Emmer alleges that Gensler shares an anti-crypto sentiment with billionaire Warren Buffett and has been disproportionately targeting the crypto industry while failing to address more significant issues posed by bad actors within the sector.


Emmer’s previous statements reflect his deep concerns about Gensler’s regulatory approach. Emmer has asserted that the SEC chairman’s actions send a misguided message to the broader crypto community, categorizing Gensler as a “bad-faith regulator” who has been excessively enforcing regulations while overlooking the real culprits.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Congressman Emmer once again criticized Chairman Gensler, claiming that the SEC favors Wall Street over Main Street. 

Emmer expressed his support for co-leading the SEC Stabilization Act alongside Representative Warren Davidson, emphasizing their shared objective of removing Gensler from his position. 

However, some skeptics have questioned the progress made thus far, prompting a response from Congressman Davidson. 

Commitment To Fair Crypto Regulation

Recognizing the frustration, Davidson acknowledged the limitations of his authority and highlighted the importance of persuasion within the broader congressional body. 

Davidson stressed his commitment to representing the people’s concerns and called for encouragement rather than attacking those with similar goals. Davidson concluded: 

The lack of results thus far is discouraging, but I hope my voice makes people feel heard and represented as we continue to work.

Despite the uphill battle Congressman Tom Emmer and his co-sponsors face, they remain determined to advocate for a more balanced and fair regulatory environment for the cryptocurrency industry. 

As the debate surrounding Chairman Gensler’s regulatory approach intensifies, the future of the SEC Stabilization Act and its potential impact on the leadership of the Securities and Exchange Commission remain subjects of keen interest for both the industry and regulatory observers.

The 1-day chart shows the total crypto market cap’s valuation at $1.63 trillion. Source: TOTAL on TradingView.com

The global cryptocurrency market has reached a total market capitalization of $1.63 trillion, according to CoinGecko data. This figure represents a -0.79% change in the last 24 hours but demonstrates an impressive 112.8% increase compared to the market cap one year ago.

Today, Bitcoin (BTC) maintains a dominant position, with a market cap of $840 billion, accounting for approximately 51.25% of the total cryptocurrency market. 

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