Bitbot: The first self-custody Telegram trading bot unlocks infinite crypto possibilities

Reddit adds Bitcoin and Ethereum as retail interest in crypto fuels Bitbot's presale

Telegram trading bots have grown popular due to their seamless trading and automation.
Bitbot is the first self-custodial trading bot on Telegram, with up to 100x potential.
BITBOT investors benefit from enhanced security and earnings opportunities.

The crypto investment landscape is gradually changing, and one of the unavoidable shifts is trading bots. According to data analytics, Dune, DEX trading bot wars are increasing. Consequently, the sector has been dominated by Maestro, BonkBot, Banana Gun, and Unibot in terms of trading volumes. Cumulatively, trading volumes in the DEX bot sector are more than $9 billion. It is no wonder that the launch of Bitbot, a newcomer in the tantalising sector, is bound to gain popularity. Within a few weeks in presale, investors have accumulated over $728,000 worth of tokens. The project unlocks new crypto opportunities, with Bitbot’s self-custodial features fueling a presale frenzy.

Bitbot fuels Telegram trading bot wars with superior features

Telegram trading bots are becoming popular as they enable seamless trading and lightning-fast execution. This has enabled linked cryptocurrencies like Unibot and Banana Gun tokens to gain instant success. But security controversies surrounding Telegram trading bots mean the sector is still yearning for more.

Bitbot is poised for success, owing to its self-custodial features, the first in the DEX bot sector. Coined under its strapline, “Your keys, your wallet, your assets,” Bitbot aims to empower retail investors. This is informed by the need to provide a secure platform and institutional-grade tools for trading. 


With self-custody, Bitbot users exercise complete control of their private keys. This is unlike its custodial predecessors, which hold users’ private keys and funds. The self-custody features benefit traders as they are protected in case of bot hacks and exploits. As the history of previous hacks at Unibot and Banana Gun has shown, security is a major concern with trading bots. Bitbot has been an attraction, given its transfer of ownership to the investor.

Investors are also lured to Bitbot’s security enhancements that ride modern-day intrusions and exploits. In particular, the trading platform is equipped with anti-rug and anti-MEV tools to keep scams at bay. This means BITBOT will remain free from manipulations and unscrupulous practices. As such, investors can own a worthwhile token and grow their incomes.

What is the unique opportunity with Bitbot crypto presale?

Bitbot’s presale is an opportunity to own a cryptocurrency predicted to rise up to 100x. In its quest to dominate the DEX bot sector, Bibot offers additional utilities that include a snipping feature. The capability allows investors to scan for presale opportunities with high potential and profitability quickly. 

Bitbot’s copy trading feature is also key to its early presale success. New investors find the copy trading feature beneficial as they can imitate the trades of experienced traders. This way, the barriers to entry are reduced, increasing earnings opportunities.

A unique opportunity also lies in Bitbot’s revenue-sharing model. This is where token holders are rewarded with a share of fees generated on the platform. The revenue share supercharges investors’ earnings, making Bitbot one of the most profitable trading bots.

There is the expectation that as the presale continues, the value of BITBOT will increase. This is due to the consistent increase in the token’s price at each stage. For instance, in stage 4, BITBOT is priced at $0.0116, an increase from the initial $0.01. 

The presale occurs in 15 stages, which will see 300,000,000 tokens sold. Each BITBOT will be valued at $0.02 at the end of the presale, delivering early gains to presale backers. Investors have been buying the token to maximise the potential gain. 

Additionally, as the token debuts on exchanges in 2024, presale buyers will ride a projected bullish market. The bullishment emanates from trends in the bot trading market and overall sentiment in cryptocurrencies. Notable events such as spot ETFs and upcoming Bitcoin halving are already fueling crypto prices. This has uniquely posited BITBOT for an early take-off and profitability. 

To buy Bitbot on presale, investors can visit the project’s official website page.

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