Bitbot picks momentum as Avalanche leads altcoin recovery

Brace for more AVAX dilution

Avalanche has spiked double-digits amid new momentum forecast for rally to $100.
BITBOT could be the pick of presale tokens with its investment potential buoyed by its likely dominance of Telegram crypto trading landscape.

Bitbot (BITBOT) token is creating a huge wave of interest from traders as the market bounces following Bitcoin’s upside this weekend. Meanwhile, one of the top altcoins currently signaling potential momentum is Avalanche (AVAX).

AVAX has seen double-digit gains as analysts point to its future potential. The opportunity available with BITBOT’s presale is however attracting huge attention.  

Avalanche (AVAX): A potential rally to $100?

Avalanche (AVAX) stands out as one of the top performing altcoins in the past 24 hours. The token’s price was trading at $35, up 12% as bulls pushed higher following the recovery from lows of $32. 


With prices up 8% in the past week, it looks like Avalanche is building fresh momentum.

Crypto analysts are bullish on AVAX long term. Amid other factors, Avalanche’s growing traction as a smart-contracts Layer 1 blockchain and expectation ahead of Bitcoin’s halving could prove key tailwinds for AVAX price.

A rally similar to the breakout recorded when prices rose from lows of $9 in 2023 could put AVAX on the track to December highs of $50. Amid a bullish outlook for the Avalanche network and the broader market, it is possible AVAX is one of the top altcoins currently trading below $100.

But while this token may present a good investment opportunity, investors eyeing near-term gains are also aware of what’s possible in the presale market.

Bitbot (BITBOT): Redefining Telegram based crypto trading

Bitbot’s upcoming launch of a new Telegram trading bot has the entire space excited. As the crypto presale landscape becomes one of the best markets for unearthing gems, traders keen on what’s trending have flocked to Bitbot.

The Telegram trading bot looks to stand out from the rest by focusing on the security of its users’ assets. Its non-custodial trading solution is the first in the world for Telegram trading apps. With it, users can trade directly from their app’s interface. 

Wondering what this means? Simply, this is the feature that puts into practice the fact that if its “not your keys, [its] not your crypto.”

Also key are the anti-MEV and anti-rug features that add another security layer, with users protected against MEV bots and potential scams.

Also distinguishing Bitbot is that its trading solution delivers institutional-grade tools to retails traders. Anyone can leverage the same tools institutional investors tap into to trade different cryptocurrencies and products, regardless of a trader’s skill level or experience.

BITBOT presale attracts traders

Bitbot’s advanced trading capabilities and security, market experts say it could dominate the Telegram trading space. That has seen a remarkable surge in interest for BITBOT, the ERC-20 token of Bitbot.

The token will offer holders governance rights in the Bitbot ecosystem. It will also provide access to key network features, including revenue share, trading discounts and access to best presale gems in the market.

BITBOT’s presale launched last week, hitting stage 1 milestone within 72 hours as traders allocated $200k to their positions. The project continues to see this pace, with over $346k raised so far as stage 2 draws to a close.

According to the Bitbot whitepaper, a total of 300 million BITBOT are available in the presale phase. This accounts for 30% of the total supply of 1 billion BITBOT. 

A total of 20 million tokens will be available at each of the 15 presale stages as the project targets to raise $4.32 million.

For more information on Bitbot, visit their website.

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