Analysts Projecting a 7,000% Climb for RBIS Comparing to SHIB and BTC

Analysts Projecting a 7,000% Climb for RBIS Comparing to SHIB and BTC

While the crypto bear market continues, fresh applications of blockchain technology are emerging all the time.

The projects that will thrive in the downturn are those that embrace the latest trends, while also generating consistent revenues, with bear-resilient products and services.

One such project is ArbiSmart, an interest-bearing wallet and financial services hub, powered by the RBIS token. EU-authorized and registered, ArbiSmart’s rapidly expanding ecosystem generates steady passive profits, whichever direction the market is moving, leading analysts to project a 7,000% rise in the value of the native token by the end of 2022.

How ArbiSmart is generating profits right now?

ArbiSmart offers an interest-generating wallet with built-in arbitrage trading that continues to generate the same returns in a bull or bear market.


The wallet provides a sky-high interest of up to 147% a year on 25 supported crypto and FIAT currencies. Users can choose to keep their funds stored securely, interest-free, but withdrawable at any time.

Alternatively, they can lock them in a savings plan for a short period like 1 or 3 months, or a long period like 2, 3, or 5 years and the longer the time frame for the lock, the higher the interest rate will be.

The wallet holder can also decide to automatically transfer the interest being earned on their capital, which is paid out daily, to a separate balance, where it is always accessible, or have it transferred into the locked savings balance for a higher rate.

In addition, wallet holders can choose to take advantage of the automated crypto arbitrage system, which generates passive profits of up to 45% a year. This is a low-exposure trading strategy that generates revenue from temporary price inefficiencies.

These are brief periods in which a coin is available across exchanges at different prices simultaneously. Occurring frequently, in all types of market conditions, price inefficiencies have various causes such as disparities in trading volume and liquidity between larger exchanges and smaller ones.

ArbiSmart’s automated system, connected to 35 exchanges, scans hundreds of coins at once, 24 hours a day for price disparities, automatically buying at the lowest available price and selling at the highest for a profit.

How RBIS demand is being increased?

Wallet holders can earn more profits by purchasing RBIS, increasing demand for the token.

The amount of interest that you can earn depends on your account level, which is determined by how much RBIS you own. So, owning more RBIS translates to a higher rate on your BTC or EUR savings balance.

Wallet holders are also incentivized to open savings balances in RBIS, as these earn three times higher interest rates than balances in any other supported currency.

Those who don’t wish to convert their funds into ArbiSmart’s native token but still want to boost their profits can choose to keep their balance in Bitcoin or Euro and just receive the daily interest in RBIS.

The ArbiSmart wallet was only introduced at the beginning of this quarter, though it is already gaining traction and the number of users is rapidly increasing. This growing momentum means that more people are locking RBIS in savings balances, taking it out of general circulation.

As token demand rises, the supply, which is finite and permanently capped at 450M, is dropping, pushing up the RBIS price.

The expansion and how it will impact RBIS’ value

Token demand is expected to rise even higher through the second half of 2022, with the introduction of multiple new RBIS utilities, all of which require the use of the native token.

This will further diminish the supply and drive demand, increasing the token price and generating substantial capital gains from the rising token value.

Later this quarter ArbiSmart will be launching a mobile application for buying, selling, exchanging, and storing crypto. Immediately after, the development team will be introducing a decentralized yield farming program, with one-of-a-kind gamification features, offering up to 190,000% a year as well as 0.3% of the fees from every trade.

This will be closely followed by the release of a collection of thousands of original digital artworks, as well as an NFT marketplace for purchasing and selling non-fungible tokens. In Q4, ArbiSmart also plans to launch a play-to-earn gaming metaverse as well as a professional cryptocurrency exchange.

All the services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected, enabling RBIS holders to benefit from preferential terms when using additional utilities. For example, purchasing an ArbiSmart-purchased NFT can boost a yield farmer’s APY.

ArbiSmart already offers lucrative, bear-proof utilities, with more revenue streams expected to become available by the end of the year, from gaming and liquidity mining to NFT investment.

Each new service will generate its own rewards, while simultaneously decreasing the RBIS supply, and driving demand, pushing up the price.

To purchase the coin, before the token price explodes in the months ahead, buy RBIS today.


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