Why Top Financial Analyst Claims Bitcoin and AI Are Overhyped

Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence Are Overhyped, Says Financial Analyst Gary Shilling

Gary Shilling, a revered market analyst, raised eyebrows with his bold claims about Bitcoin and artificial intelligence (AI).

With his decades of experience in financial analysis, Shilling suggested that the current enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin and AI might be misplaced, describing both as “overhyped.”

Why Gary Shilling Maintains a Skeptical Stance on Bitcoin

Shilling’s critique comes at a time when Bitcoin continues to capture the imagination of investors worldwide. Despite the crypto asset’s impressive performance and the recent launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which now boast holdings of over 656,000 BTC valued at over $28.8 billion, the renowned market analyst remains skeptical.

He attributed the fervor around Bitcoin to “excessive speculation” and criticized the cryptocurrency for its “zero substance” and its utility in unlawful transactions.


This skepticism contrasts Bitcoin’s increasing institutional interest and growing adoption as a legitimate financial asset. The digital currency has challenged traditional financial systems with its decentralized nature, emerging as a preferred asset amid global uncertainties. It commands a significant 40% market share over traditional safe havens like gold.

Moreover, Bitcoin’s remarkable average annualized return of 44% over the past seven years outshines the returns of other major assets. Despite its notorious volatility, historical data suggests that Bitcoin’s minimum five-year investment horizon has consistently yielded profits.

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Annualized Returns Across Major Asset Classes. Source: ARK Invest

On the AI front, Shilling doubted the transformative potential of the technology. He questioned the value of deploying massive computational power to sift through extensive data sets in search of patterns. His skepticism comes amidst a surge in the stock prices of tech giants like Nvidia and Microsoft, driven by widespread optimism about AI’s ability to enhance productivity and fuel economic growth.

Furthermore, Shilling predicted a potential 30% plunge in the S&P 500 to levels not seen in three years. His cautionary stance on the US economy, which he believes is on a collision course with recession within the year, adds to the grim outlook.

“When people focus on a very narrow segment of the stock market, they in effect are saying the rest of the stock market just isn’t of interest and probably in trouble,” Shilling said.

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Still, it is essential to note that Shilling’s skeptical stance on the markets has often been wrong. The financial markets and the broader economy have shown resilience, often outperforming despite his previous warnings of downturns.


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