Wall Street Wizard Sees Major Bitcoin ‘Buy Signal”


Veteran trader Peter Brandt has ignited a spark of hope among Bitcoin enthusiasts, identifying a potential buying opportunity amidst the cryptocurrency’s recent price slump.

Brandt, known for his uncanny ability to predict market movements, believes a short-term buying signal is emerging despite the coin hovering precariously near support levels. However, whispers of caution linger as market volatility continues to cast a shadow over the digital asset.

Foot Shot Pattern: A Sign Of Weakness Or Hidden Strength?

Brandt’s analysis hinges on a technical indicator known as the “foot shot pattern,” which historically has preceded price increases. This bullish interpretation stands in stark contrast to the current market sentiment, which is decidedly bearish.

The Fear and Greed Index, a popular gauge of investor sentiment, currently sits at a lowly 29, firmly within the “Fear” zone. Adding fuel to the fire, Bitcoin has shed over 10% of its value in the past month, raising concerns of a deeper correction.


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Finding Opportunity In The Maelstrom

Undeterred by the current market jitters, Brandt joins a growing chorus of prominent figures advocating for Bitcoin. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently revealed his intention to buy more Bitcoin, viewing the price dip as a golden opportunity.

This sentiment aligns with Brandt’s prediction of a potential price drop to $48,000 before a significant reversal. Both men believe the long-term potential of Bitcoin outweighs the short-term volatility.

Bitcoin is now trading at $57,613. Chart: TradingView

Head And Shoulders Pattern Hints At Big Move

Beyond the immediate price gyrations, Brandt’s analysis delves into the future trajectory of Bitcoin. He identifies an “Inverse Head and Shoulders” pattern on the Bitcoin price chart, a bullish indicator often associated with major market upswings.

Drawing a parallel to historical gold bull runs, Brandt suggests this pattern could signal the beginning of a significant upward trend for Bitcoin. This optimistic outlook is further bolstered by some price predictions forecasting Bitcoin to reach $79,800 by August 6th, 2024, a significant increase from its current price.

While Brandt and Kiyosaki’s pronouncements offer a glimmer of hope for Bitcoin bulls, it’s crucial to approach the market with a healthy dose of skepticism. The cryptocurrency market remains notoriously volatile, and price predictions, especially in the short term, are notoriously unreliable. Furthermore, both Brandt and Kiyosaki are known for their bullish stances on Bitcoin, potentially introducing bias into their perspectives.

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