Vitalik Buterin Reflects on Zero-Knowledge Proof Voting Tool

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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, reflected on Rarimo’s “Freedom Tool.” It uses zero-knowledge proof technology for secure online voting.

The Freedom Tool enables Russian citizens to prove their citizenship and vote anonymously.

Traditional voting faces challenges like logistical issues and security threats. Rarimo’s solution aims to overcome these obstacles using zero-knowledge proof technology.

“While voting makes the perilous consequences of the trade-off between privacy and digital identification particularly visible, it is in fact an endemic online issue. Rarimo’s mission is to reverse invasive online practices and embed privacy into the digital identity layer,” the company explains.

Indeed, zero-knowledge proofs have several practical applications, including private blockchain transactions, secure identity verification, tamper-proof voting systems, and ensuring supply chain integrity. They enable confidential transactions and protect sensitive data.


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Vitalik Buterin optimistically sees this tool as a significant step towards solving the challenges Russian citizens are facing today. Yet, he highlights the challenge of balancing verification and anonymity online.

“If you have a Russian passport then you can digitally prove your identity using zero-knowledge proof technology without revealing which one you are. So you can participate in an online vote and the results of the online vote are visible and they’re guaranteed to be tamper proof. It is an anonymous voting system,” Buterin said.

This technology can offer strong privacy while maintaining trustworthiness. According to Buterin, it solves the issue of verification against anonymity, creating an “infosphere that is at least guarded against you.”

“Either you’re verified, but then if you’re verified, people know who you are, and they can go after you. Or you’re anonymous, but if you’re anonymous, then no one has any need to trust you. This current batch of zero-knowledge proof technology manages to solve both of those problems,” Buterin added.

Therefore, zero-knowledge proofs can transform modern democratic systems by addressing current challenges and criticisms. While the tool is currently in beta, successful implementation could lead to growing influence and use cases worldwide.


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