Unique Network Launch $250k NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund

Unique Network Launch $250k NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund

What is Unique Network?

Unique Network – which recently set the record for NFT minting speed with Polkadot – is a parachain of the Polkadot and Kusama networks, and offers a suite of advanced features that are ideal for supporting the integration of NFTs into gaming, art, real estate and more.

Participants of the Grant Fund will gain insights and support on Unique Network’s various innovations – including Customizable NFTs, Composable NFTs, Dynamic NFTs and more – and how they can be integrated in decentralised applications.

Alexander Mitrovich, CEO of Unique Network, is confident that “it is the powerful NFT utility tools” that will lead the next generation of NFTs. “At Unique Network we already delivered these capabilities in the last year, and now we are seeing deep interest by the most innovative founders. To deliver NFTs 2.0 to end user communities we have launched this fund with a very specific focus on enhancing NFTs via micro dApps or blockchain features.”

In addition to the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant, Amazon Web Services has announced they will award grant recipients with AWS Activate credits, totalling $100,000.


Which projects will the grant support?

As part of the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant, Unique Network have already awarded grants to two project; DED GAMES and MusicMoon (formerly LoopNFT).

DED GAMES will use their grant to implement Unique Network’s customizable NFT solutions into their next-generation gaming experiences.

MusicMoon will leverage Unique Network’s tech to give artists control over their work and earnings, reducing the reliance on major record labels. The project was previously the winner of a Polkadot APAC Hackathon, and was recently selected to join the Polkadot Blockchain Academy.

Josep Gracés, Founder of Music Moon, has noted that the Unique Network grant “is not just funding; it’s a catalyst propelling MusicMoon to revolutionize how artists create, share, and monetize their music.”

How can I apply for the NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant?

Participants must submit their entries online for each pre-selected project and join Unique’s Developer Telegram chat to be eligible.

Unique Network have confirmed they will announce new grant application winners on a rolling basis. The blockchain will also open-up challenges within the grant framework to advance the NFT industry as a whole.

Discover more and apply today: unique.network

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