Unclogged Now Officially Live in Six Countries

Unclogged Now Officially Live in Six Countries

New Features and Game Modes

Among the new features introduced is Arcade Mode, designed to provide players with levels featuring specific objectives.

This mode aims to ease new players into the game mechanics while offering rewards for progression, to ensure a smoother learning curve for those unfamiliar with the Dookey Dash universe.

“There’s a LOT of tuning and new features for Dookey Dash that we’re working on with Faraway and Superfine,” stated Greg Solano, Co-founder at Yuga Labs, in a separate post. “All with the goal of making sure that the game is a blast not just for apes, but for people who’ve never touched crypto and know nothing about BAYC,” he added.

Source: Yuga Labs

Strategic Delays for Optimal Launch

Whilst the phased release might disappoint fans, the team assure that these are necessary for the game’s success. “We know this is a bummer, but we promise you any delays are a direct result of our need to ensure this game sticks. Hard.,” they stated.


Solano echoed these sentiments stating, “You only get one shot at a worldwide launch for a mobile game. So that first touch has to be really special and frictionless,” he said. “We’re hellbent on Dookey Dash getting on millions of phones and putting Yuga and BAYC into everyone’s pocket.”

Updates and previews of new features are expected in the coming weeks as the game prepares for its full-scale release. These previews will showcase elements that even beta testers have not yet seen, hinting at significant upgrades and additions to the game.

For more information and updates on Dookey Dash, follow Faraway on X.

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