Treasure Tapper Introduces QUESTS: Unlock Rewards with New Items and Experiences

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Treasure Tapper, the popular tapping crypto game, has unveiled a significant new feature called QUESTS, which offers players the opportunity to spend their tokens on a variety of luxurious items, exotic locations, and prestigious institutions to boost their rewards, according to Gala News.

Lifestyle Upgrades

With the new QUESTS expansion, players can elevate their status by spending tokens on high-end lifestyle items. These include:

Au Pair
Fine Wine
Luxury Watch
Personal Chef
Sports Car
Penthouse Apartment
Private Jet

Exotic Locations

Players can also increase their tapping influence by unlocking exotic locations, such as:


Bali Beach Club
Napa Vineyard
New York City Rooftop
Paris Penthouse
Santorini Sunset
Hamptons Mansion
St. Barts Villa
Seychelles Spa Resort
Dubai Sky Lounge
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Monaco Casino
Caribbean Private Island

Institutional Investments

In addition to lifestyle and location upgrades, players can invest in institutions to unlock substantial ongoing hourly rewards. Some of these institutions include:

Private Investment Club
Diamond Jewelry Boutique
Exotic Car Gallery
Private Yacht Club
Sigma Elite Society
Paris Fashion House
The Vatican Secret Archives
Swiss Private Bank
Tesla Innovation Lab
Crypto Tower
Private Moon Base

This major update not only adds a new layer of strategy to Treasure Tapper but also provides players with more options to maximize their tokens ahead of the anticipated $TREZ minting event. During this event, the in-game tokens will be minted as real crypto tokens on the TON blockchain and will be bridgeable to GalaChain. Once on GalaChain, these tokens can be traded on GalaSwap, converting in-game efforts into tangible crypto rewards.

Players interested in starting their tapping journey can join the Treasure Tapper Bot on Telegram. The game remains free to play, offering an exciting opportunity to enhance one’s crypto portfolio through strategic gameplay.

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