There is only 30% left of the final stage in the Calvaria presale

There is only 30% left of the final stage in the Calvaria presale

The world of crypto gaming has absolutely exploded over the course of the last few years, with the majority of VCs stating that they are bullish on the state of play to earn games going forward, especially those that take the extra steps in technological and social innovation. 

Battle against other players in a P2E game 

Calvaria is a brand new play to earn gaming ecosystem that is taking the world by storm, since its innovative style of gameplay allowed for players to battle one another heads up to win token distributions as play to earn rewards. 

The most successful players will be able to accrue the most rewards, which confers to them a range of new utility and functionality within the game. 

There are already two mini games that the community can participate in now in the Calvaria Telegram group. There is a leaderboard for these two mini games (Cabecitas and Cabezas Locas) and those who score highly on the leaderboard may be in line to win RIA rewards when trading goes live. 


The Calvaria DAO 

Decentralised autonomous organisations have grown significantly in value over the course of the last few years, with some of them holding billions of dollars in the treasuries: since Uniswap released its UNI token via airdrop, the value of the project ballooned and the DAO was endowed with billions of dollars in assets. 

The reason that DAOs are so effective is because they are excellent vehicles for coordinating teams to work together behind a common goal. 

DAOs have incredible feeback, are incredibly agile, and are able to develop far more efficiently than many traditional companies thanks to the range of inputs that they can manage – the project can leverage the “hive mind” of the community in order to operate so much more efficiently. 

Only 30% left of the final stage of the presale 

The Calvaria presale is being conducted in five different stages, with the price gradually rising at each stage of the presale, meaning that those investors who participate earliest are able to acquire tokens at the best possible price. 

This has helped the presale to sell out incredibly quickly through the first four stages, and the project currently has just 30% of its final stage left to be sold, with 1 USDT purchasing 30.77 RIA. 

Those who wish to participate in the Calvaria presale can now do so on the Calvaria website, where $2.1m has been raised thus far. 

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