The Sandbox Polygon Shift – Lower Fees, Endless Creativity

The Sandbox Polygon Shift - Lower Fees, Endless Creativity

The Sandbox, a renowned virtual gaming universe, has recently revealed a critical development shift: transitioning its digital marketplace from Ethereum to Polygon. 

By now being powered by the Polygon blockchain, the Metaverse‘s marketplace offers reduced fees for minting assets. Anyone can craft and sell their virtual creations while earning royalties from resales, with minting on Workspace and its improved UX/UI making this process effortless.

Further highlighting its dedication to becoming more affordable and seamless, the platform is committing itself to covering up to 10 transaction costs per user every month. 

What’s more, as an additional celebration of the chain switch, The Sandbox Marketplace is unveiling over 100 new digital artworks. Each artistic endeavor — designed by 30 artists who are part of The Sandbox’s Creator Fund program — boasts a unique style like no other, comprising fantasy characters, futuristic designs, legendary creatures, and more.


Other New Notable Gains

Along with the transition to Polygon, various improvements were made to the platform. The browsing and search features have been upgraded, making it easier for users to discover new digital assets. One significant enhancement is the capability of users to mint NFTs using CATALYST tokens, thereby enabling a broader range of creators to design unique virtual collectibles on the platform.

Furthermore, The Sandbox acknowledges that not all creators are in possession of CATALYST tokens. To address this issue, it has begun free distributions for these creators, which include all LAND owners. Moreover, LAND owners who participate in subsequent activities are promised an extra allocation of tokens.

Notably, all existing digital assets created on the Ethereum network can remain on The Sandbox. However, there’s also the provision to transfer these assets to Polygon in the near future. Thus, creators can continue to expand their digital landscapes unabated.

The Sandbox’s blockchain move offers several benefits for both users and creators. Lower transaction costs, upgraded platform functionality, and fresh opportunities underline. For aspiring creators, artists, and users, there are many exciting advancements to look forward to in this ever-evolving virtual world. 

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