Star Trek NFTs Gets Green Light, Digitoads Launch NFT Staking

Star Trek NFTs Trademark Gets Green Light; Digitoads Launch NFT Staking after $7m Presale

After about four months of waiting, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has accepted CBS Studios’ trademark application.

In April, CBS Studios applied for the Star Trek name to be used in NFT and crypto collectibles. DigiToads (TOADS) has also achieved a significant feat, bringing excitement to digital collectibles enthusiasts through its NFT staking innovation.

Star Trek Continuum

On August 8, the USPTO registered the character mark for the Star Trek line. The trademark allows CBS to use the mark in an online marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFT-backed art and video clips; that is, NFTs would authenticate the art and clips.

The name Star Trek Continuum refers to a line of NFTs that feature different starships from the different adventures in the science fiction universe of the Television series. The NFTs would be customized to the users’ liking, improving their uniqueness.


Aside from the uniqueness of the NFTs, another plus to the NFT collection is the ready market the series already has in the form of the many fans of the Star Trek stories. The stories continue to inspire many viewers who are also crypto enthusiasts and users.

The growing list of traditional companies and brands venturing into the NFT space makes this an interesting time in the history of digital assets. However, this navigation past the complexity staged by the several trademark and patent laws is one native crypto firms are freed from, as DigiToads’ (TOADS) recent NFT staking launch proves.

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TOADS Presale Sets the Stage for DigiToads’ Leap

The recently concluded presale, defined by observers as “truly remarkable,” featured a well-structured model that showcases the project’s planned growth and sustainability. 



With the token’s allocation to essential areas, the ecosystem’s dynamism is assured; this revelation fueled investor confidence, which led to the $7 million raised. The TOADS is just getting started on its leap, though.

The project’s ecosystem, called the Swamp, is created to sell itself by rewarding its community members, TOADS holders, who build and occupy the ecosystem. Many activities make the Swamp dynamic; from the on-chain trading competitions, the charity initiatives, its native DEX, a play-to-earn game, and even the School of Toads, which is a complete trading course, every TOADS in the Swamp is in for an exciting experience. Then there is NFT staking.

In line with the project’s aim to create a balance of community engagement, technological advancement, and impressive growth, DigiToads’ launch of NFT staking has introduced an NFT revolution that changes the game as we know it.

By enabling NFTs to generate yield via staking, DigiToads put itself on the map of innovative altcoins to watch. With 2% of every single transaction within the Swamp feeding the payout pool of the NFT stakes.

While analysts struggle to place a definite value on these NFTs, their uses have been acknowledged to make them a desirable collection in the NFT space. With 3,500 NFTs made available during the presale, investors recognized them as worthwhile investments that would bring in dividends for years to come.

DigiToads, through its NFTs, which come as recognizable figures in amphibian form, has pioneered using NFTs as a passive income stream other than the bragging rights it formerly only offered as a reward.

By changing the narrative of what it means to own an NFT and switching the view from mere expensive jpegs to actual worthy investments that produce revenue, DigiToads has changed the scenery for the NFT space.

As traditional brands come into the NFT sphere, building the needed bridges between traditional entertainment and the decentralized world, natives like DigiToads lead the innovation in the digital realm.

A recent announcement revealed that the platform’s security is upgrading to keep up with its rapidly growing community. DigiToads is getting set to kick its robust mechanism into gear on August 21. 

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